Wednesday, September 30, 2009

yay! love it!

i am so happy with the way this turned out! i had the coneflowers in my head for it and am glad i went back to them. the slathered gel medium gives the plexi an interesting texture, and makes it look more like glass. i like the way the crackles on top echo flower shapes. i love it and can't wait to make more!!!! it will be fun to take this to the market saturday & see what people say about it.

so tomorrow i'm taking it to the ace hardware. i took the other plexi piece in with me to get nuts & bolts & had a nice art discussion with the guy behind the counter who, as it turned out, has an epson that will probably print on plexi & was very interested in what i was doing. i told him i'd bring the finished piece back in. hopefully i can get him to cut some masonite for me while i'm there. ace is my second favorite art store

i had to do something with this, due to the icky liney effect caused by the sealant. so i got out the oilbar thinking that a little finger painting would be perfect. i was going to make a sky, but realized that it would be hard since i am painting on the back of the piece- so what looked good to me might not work so well on the front. at first, it was more liney-ness.

then i smooshed the paper towel into the oilbar & came up with (i think) a nice texture. will have to think about the right thing to mount this over, b/c it's pretty dark. but maybe if i do something with some silver leaf..... i needed to tie the blue in the upper right corner in with the rest of the piece, so i got out a silver marker (the silver leaf pen not working.....) and drew in more of the swirly design. i think it works pretty well. now i just need to decide what to knock back because everything is competing for attention. i like the bird & the zebra. maybe i should wash off some of the gesso. or buy sandpaper at the art store tomorrow...that's it for now! what a fun night it's been! i will do a step by step on the next plexi/ masonite piece since there seems to be some interest. i do have to note, for those of you without a printer that takes thick media, the coneflowers are a transfer, not a print- and given the problems i had with ink washing off that may be a better way to go.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more plexi

i finally put my gifts for the get excited and make things pay it forward project. started in late april.... doing better on this than the hubcap for the landfill art project, but that's next!

hopefully i'll hear that things got there safe & sound and that the recipients like them.

coneflower transfer, to fix what i inadvertently washed off last night. worked out quite well.
i wanted more detail & remembered that oilbar is used that way on encaustic, and that oil can go over acrylic- so i grabbed my fave color, prussian blue, and a blending stick & a soft cloth & worked color into the cracks. again, bot a great photo, but i'm really happy with the detail it brought out- much more interesting.
and now the challenge. i think that the only way to preserve these is going to be a spray varnish. i used the golden uv resistant semi gloss topcoat for the digital grounds- with a foam brush- and the brush marks are really evident. i can probably make it work, but it isn't what i was going for.
so we'll keep experimenting- but if anyone has a brilliant idea or solution, please let me know.... i slathered on a layer of gel medium with a palette knife to preserve the coneflower transfer- didn't want no stinkin brush marks & figured the uneven surface will work with the crackle. we'll see!

and now for bed-

Monday, September 28, 2009

successful trial

this was the plan for the crackle paste background. i put a 2:1 gel medium/water layer on to preserve the paste, as per the golden site, it will also work as a barrier layer if i decide to add more color, which i may.

i was concerned about drilling holes in the plexi, so i taped where i was going to drill and then spritzed water on, per the destructions i downloaded. only one problem. even tho the epson ink is waterproof the quality evidently doesn't apply if printed on digital ground. or the digital ground is water soluble. either way...... i lost the coneflowers.

so i went to plan b. the good news is that the drilling went fine. i used 4 sizes of drill bits and as long as i was drilling down instead of in reverse (yeah, well, i'm new to this power tool stuff)
it worked ok. no cracking or chipping.

put the bolt in, then screwed a nut underneath for a spacer. then into the board. which, incidentally also drilled fine. the gel medium coat was a must- it would have crumbled otherwise, but now has a more resilient texture. this is not a great photo, but it gives the idea of the finished piece. i may add some drops of turquoise on the background. i'll look at it for a while & think about it..... the actual color is more vivid than what you see here- shooting inside at night w/o flash doesn't do much for true color! i also printed a transparency of the coneflowers to transfer to the plexi so that if i decide i would really rather have that image (there were some nice echos of the image on the plexi in the movement of the darker shapes at the top of the base).

not bad for a first try, tho! please let me know what you think- constructive criticism good too!

and a doodle...... hasta.....

Sunday, September 27, 2009

photo opps

we took a lovely hike on saturday, back up a trail we were on a few weeks ago, this time in hope of ending up on top of a mountain. that part didn't quite work out, but it was a beautiful day, and i was just enchanted by this lovely little stream we followed part of the way.

i don't think that i got photos to do justice to how pretty it was, but i'll share my attempts here just the same.

back to getting my hands dirty tomorrow night- for now, happy trails!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

where the skies are not cloudy all day

welcome to this week's skywatch friday post. click on the badge to see great skies from around the world

we're having beautiful sunny clear warm fall weather- but that's not so good for interesting skies.....
so i went for the shapes against the sky shots this morning..... love the birds. i shoot this type of thing often, then it shows up in my mixed media art.

the colors are not brilliant, but hopefully you agree that the shapes are fun.

and the sky through the maple- soon to be more sky and less maple.
happy skywatch friday!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

small steps

i had a small amount of time and got a bit more done on these. funny how the color scheme seems to be fall- red & gold......i like the direction the raven is headed and she probably doesn't need much more.
and this too is getting there. maybe some tissue or something in spots... we'll see.
and that's it for now. dog training tomorrow night, so probably won't get much done then either, and then we're out of town- but hoping for good sky shots tomorrow morning for skywatch friday!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

studio night

yay! another studio evening with pam & nancy! it's so great to get feedback, share ideas, play together. they are going to art & soul in portland in a few weeks, so i expect to learn LOTS from them in the coming months....

they were busy making atcs to trade there. this is what i brought to work on.

here's where the raven went....then i added a dirty mica wash & washed off more than i meant to, so she's in rehab now, but salvageable. right idea, wrong execution, back to the drawing board. stay tuned.
this is at the really busy i hate it it's icky stage, but i am going to slosh on a layer of matte gel & then figure out what to knock back. it will be fine.

i love the crackle paste, but see how chippy it is from being carried in the bag? will never ever survive being hauled back & forth to shows. note to self to go to the golden site to see how to preserve once i'm happy with the look.
this is how i intend for it to work- as a background for this digital print on plexi. the plexi will be bolted to the board and set above the background by the nuts you see here. which will be hidden by the head of the screw.
fun! and progress........hasta

Monday, September 21, 2009

transfer love

first, a still life found on our walk this morning.....

transfer fun this evening. that & layers of color. finally to the point of adding the raven to this one. the caulk not quite dry, but will be clear. now to figure out how to finish off around her. so far so good, tho...
this is coming along. i wasn't liking it much at all, but i do now. slathering on a bunch of matte medium should finish it off.

and this is fun to play with as well. it was supposed to be a backing for a plexi print, but i'm liking the way it's shaping up & expect to have it end up as a mixed media piece in its own right. the bird at the top is the other transfer i did this evening.

i did these both with elmer's caulk & apollo transparencies. it's funny, every time someone on the inkjet group asks for a foolproof method i toss this one out- works on canvas, wood, glass, metal, you name it. for some reason no one seems as enamored of the process as i am. but that's ok. it's just sort of amusing.
studio night tomorrow- yay!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

building blocks

worked on some background ideas..... i put black acrylic on this board in a 50% paint/water mix and then splashed on alcohol to create patterns. then spread crackle paste (the white). am thinking about a background for the plexi printed pieces. hopefully i can create interest with texture and depth with layers of paint colors without detracting from the image on the plexi. stay tuned.
worked on these some more. the one on the left was to be a background as well, but now i don't know. we'll see how it evolves. not sure where the flowers came from..... but we may get more with extra heavy gesso or light modeling paste. the one on the right is waiting for the raven transfer, but i think i'm going to wash more azo gold first- want a warmer background.
and then some football doodles.......the mardi gras heart

and this one.
and now off to bed. can't wait to see how the crackle medium goes. and other ideas.
oh- and i got my application for the art source done & sent in and will probably do the same for another group. because if the art isn't out there it can't sell. we'll see how it goes!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

a few things

as i knew it would be, it's been a busy few days. but i did make a point of getting a few photos to share. love my friend carolyn's cat hanging on her stoop.

and the cute little pumpkins all ready for fall fun...
old post office reflected in the window of the falcon where we had good eats, laughs and some vino enjoying the patio friday evening......
tomorrow will be quieter- time to play i hope.
and now, bedtime....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

skywatch friday (oh! what a beautiful morning! )

welcome to skywatch friday! to see skies from around the world, click on the badge here are a few from this past week in in boise-

i can't decide between these 3, so you get all of them!

happy skywatch friday!