Friday, July 31, 2009

The Altered Page: Destination Disintegration

The Altered Page: Destination Disintegration


this is the next stop on the disintegration project, started by seth apter early this year. the idea was to put stuff outside, let it weather and reveal on May 1. the next step, naturally, was to see what became of the weathered bits.

for me, the project started here.
this is the progression
it seems natural to me that what started as prayer flags and manifesting ended up like this:

close up:

i have more bits of paper left that will surely make it to other pieces, but this is the evolution of the main piece.
have fun checking out the big reveals at the disintegration destination
have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

getting there

disintegration piece getting very close. i had to bury all of what i liked about this originally- the deep red and the raven & tree transfers- to bring it together. but it's much better now. will try to get a decent photo tomorrow.

added map to this, probably some letters or numbers too, then some gesso to push it back some.
sharpie added to this for tree & bird detail..... and a few more collage elements. it's getting interesting.

no play time this weekend- will be busy with family. be photos & maybe some sharpie least i have the market a few times in august, can take some new pieces to that. i can also finish some things up at the studio tuesday.
talked to a friend who i am on a foothills user group with who visited my art website and was surprised to see no photography. because he knows me from the dog blog and i have photos there almost daily, sometimes even good ones. but updating the website is maintenance, which i am not so good at, and i have a gazillion photos (all in folders labeled by date, i hate to admit- i have lightroom, but have never set it up) to wade through..... maybe this winter. but at least it made me remember that i can print some new photos for the thursday show and have some new work that way.
now- off to bed- to dream of working on these pieces probably! sometimes i get great guidance that way :) looking forward to a long weekend, seeing the 'rents, sis & nephew...... and colorado

skywatch friday

boise, idaho

for skies around the world, click on the badge and visit skywatch friday

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

no studio, but play just the same

my eyes are watering. hope i can see to type. my faithful companion the bouvier rug is sharing. if you've never experienced bouvier gas, lucky you! if you have you know exactly what i mean! he's a sweetie, tho & he loves the mama, so i'll just find a gas mask & soldier on....

this is getting close. i edged the heads with copper tape & nailed them into the board. previously covered the back of the transparency with laminate so gel, etc. won't remove the image (clever me!).
it was looking busy, with too many things competing for attention, so i threw some more mulberry paper over parts to tie them in & tone things down.

then went for matte gel instead of the gloss i've been using. people often ask if it's encaustic when i slather layers of matte gel on. not anyone who know what real encaustic looks like, but i do like the look.

now it's too light- probably do a few more washes, most likely quinc/nickel azo gold. i hope i can get to a finished product i like. it's at a scary stage right now, but has possibilities.....
worked the background on the next one. gesso over the shapes on top to knock them back. the prussian ran a bit, which is surprising since it's been on there for several days, but that's OK.
bottom border washed mica, then liquid turquoise then rubbed titan white then dropped mica back into the shapes, can't really tell here, but the bottom is textured- i used a full bodied gesso and a foam stamp so there's some nice texture to grab the color.
the raven will be transferred on. one thing i love about doing this blog is photo-ing things in progress and then being able to view them from a remove. even if i let this sit for a few days, it's still somehow more immediate in person. it's nice to look at pieces on the screen & think about what elements might be good to add. i think this needs text of some sort, but it should be mysterious. ravens are, after all, about magic.....
my little 8x10s..... added a nest to this- the song is a lullaby. screwed up the print by a) not letting it dry before using and b) putting tissue over then not liking & pulling it off, in the process creating a nice gouge. but i think i have mucked with the tissue just enough to cover the worst of it. the rest can be painted in. love mixed media!
needs more, not sure what- maybe flowers.....

ann baldwin's book creative paint workshop for mixed media suggests just using regular inkjet paper to incorporate black & white photos into artwork. why not? i printed the tree/bird for an encaustic workshop last year. (kristy- this book has me wanting to play with that again, so watch out!). anyway- i like the way it looks. the lighter paper incorporates nicely. need to print on the epson, tho- it got a bit smeary.
lastly- i need to dig out the old new orleans photos. i had left over liquid turquoise so i rubbed it on this and now it looks (to me anyway) like old rusted metal. waiting for the next thing to happen....

and that's it for now.... i hope to have at least one of these done for first thursday next week- be good to have something new. besides atcs. i can always print photos. it was supposed to have slowed down by now!

Monday, July 27, 2009

doodle do and disintegration

first, a gratuitous garden shot.... love this time of year in the garden!

a few goddess doodles. not sure where she's coming from, tho i suspect it's right in line with ced's theme of self for the month of july. remembering inner strength, that everything is connected, that we get our strength from each other.
and the more you share and grow the stronger you become.

i have a feeling she may show up in some mixed media pieces. my friends at amazon sent me printmaking & mixed media by dorit elisha & ann baldwin's creative paint workshop for mixed media artists and i am ALL inspired & ready to play now!
lastly. the august 1 unveiling deadline is coming up fast for phase 2 of seth apter's disintegration project. here's where i am with mine.... i like it. need to figure best way to attached the transparencies and i think i will attach the twigs & shells at the bottom- stay tuned, i'll post it all the way through.
all for now. time for bed. spent too long fighting with the scanner, which i hope works tomorrow.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


some great skies & clouds on the flights home yesterday. i always love the patterns of roads, rivers & farms from the sky and keep thinking that i will use some day as a basis for some art.
good to be home! hopefully some time to play today or tomorrow- but first dog walking, grocery shopping, house & yard tidying, laundry........ you all know how it goes!

Friday, July 24, 2009

skywatch friday

here's this week's skywatch friday pic. taken in chicago from the 23rd floor of the omni hotel. the spot in the upper right hand corner is an industrious spider spinning her web.

i'm sitting in ohare waiting to go home. it was a really busy, really full week. i work with some great folks, so it's always nice to be able to spend time with my friends, but it will be even better to be home!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

summer in the city

not any great shots here, but i like to share, so here's chicago this week in july

michigan avenue is all dressed up for summer. liked this public art reminder.......

will be on the look out for better art shots, but it could be tough, given the tight meeting/social calendar.... stay tuned!
great dinner at devon's tonight- chipotle shrimp enchiladas.... and shared cheesecake & carrot cake for dessert.....oink!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

photos, starts, more disintegration

this weekend's photos.....

these are the 8x10 panels i started a week or so ago. i thought the raven would be nice on this, and tried a gel transfer. i was a bit concerned b/c it's not smooth.
and as you can see, it didn't work so well. to the sink, back to the drawing board.
used caulk on this one, a smaller transfer on a slightly smoother part of the panel. worked much better. elmer's caulk is what works best most consistently for me.
a few other misc. backgrounds started
the disintegration project piece is turning into a "be the change you wish to see " piece..... hence these stencils-

here it is now-
out of town all next week, i'm going to take some 2.5x3.5 w/c paper with me to make more atcs- marker art.
interestingly, i've actually had less than positive reaction from some artists to our give away. both artists who sell their atcs or aceos. one an etsy street team member who asked one of the gypsies "you're GIVING away original art?" and another a gal at the market this weekend who felt compelled to tell me that her atcs (for sale for $2) were in the real envelopes. ok. ours are in baseball card holders. funny.
i guess they feel that giving these away somehow devalues the art. i think that sharing is always good, and people who find these as give aways and begin to understand that they are art are probably more likely to buy an atc at some point.

Friday, July 17, 2009


we got some publicity on the atcs today with this article in the local paper. images on the hard copy above. quite exciting! we've also heard from several people who picked up cards. not many for the number of atcs we've put about, but it's still quite fun. some of the other artists are really getting into this too, and we're going to have a trading table set up at the show.
not much else today..... i do look forward to having some time to do art tomorrow. i have an idea for a canvas i started a while ago, and have the disintegration project piece, my hubcap & the 2 small boards i started a few weeks ago to work on. would be nice to have some new work for the show. i also need to do my pay it forward pieces. i am feeling creative, tho & it will be too hot to be outside after about 9 am (i am a heat weenie of the highest order).
have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

skywatch friday

i have come across this very cool blog, skywatch friday, in several places, most recently postcards from wildwood. i love the sky, and clouds, and got (what i think is) a great photo today, so i thought i'd join in the fun-

visit skywatch friday for many more awesome sky photos (or photos containing sky) from around the world

culinary art...

my wonderful friend & neighbor brought this basil bouquet over a few days ago. but between work & social engagements i didn't have time to do anything with it.

after the parks department meeting this evening (see my other avocation, keeping boise safe for off leash dogs through owner education at the trail dog blog) i was on a pesto mission.

first stop, albertsons for pine nuts & parm (when i first moved here the pine nuts part of the pesto equation was a real challenge. even the co-op would be out of stock during the height of pesto making season. much better now).

batch 1, with garlic, for immediate consumption:

batch 2, sans garlic (they say it gets bitter) to freeze for adding to pasta later.
and, to enjoy the fruits of my labor (and carolyn's garden- some camembert, prosciutto, pesto & tuscan bread. oh, and pinot grigio....... ahhhhhh
and tomorrow's friday! yay! life is good!