Tuesday, June 30, 2009

studio time- woo hoo!

oh yay! tuesday night, nancy & pam & i are free, we hit the studio to play! it's been too long!

of course, i am in total atc mode for the august gypsy show. pam is also a gypsy and brought her very fine atc contributions along this evening.

this is the pile from zella, me & pam.....

from those, nancy, pam & i selected these to drop off at the 2 newspapers next week to (hopefully) generate some media....i think that zella's and pam's are awesome! hope to have a few more from some additional artists to add next week.
and then i continued down my doodle path..... this one is less than successful, but i think i can layer some tissue & do something with it. or just gesso over the whole thing & start over....

pam & nancy were of course being very nice & saying they really like these. i think that i have a hard time seeing them as art because- well, they're marker doodles on watercolor paper.

on the other hand, they're marker doodles on watercolor paper that probably only i would come up with, and, except for the first one, they're pleasing to look at. so who knows?

not me, that's for sure. if they make someone smile it's all good.
woo hoo! one more day of work this week- taking thursday off- have a great wednesday all....

Monday, June 29, 2009


inspired by my friend zella who has done lots of atcs for the august show publicity, and by miriam who has 100 done, i am in doodle atc mode.... got 3 done tonight! :)

we ran into tracy at the grocery store & she stopped by for a visit & a glass of wine on the porch, so that cut into art time.....but was well worth it!

not sure where this one came from- looks sort of egg like, doesn't it?

leah at creative every day had a tom robbins quote in a post earlier this week, reminding me of one of my favorite quotes of his, from still life with woodpecker- this one's for susan at brokn heart art who shares my fondness for dylan- and music in general. and who does awesome work- check out her atc slide show!
and now to bed. studio tomorrow night! yay!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

day of rest!

nothing i HAD to do, nowhere i HAD to go. wow. first time in a long time that's been the case....

so, after reading and napping a bit i got to work. first color layer on these was quinacridone red, but it was pinker that i wanted (it usually is, i always forget that) so i added some alizarin. 1/2 paint, 1/2 water, the drops of alcohol to make the paint do odd things...

after drying, next color is quin./nickel azo gold. i love this color. it's nice and warm and transparent. alcohol on the one on the right, i just rubbed the one on the left randomly.
i did some more atcs too.....
made some tags for the back with my email & web address, and a spot to sign them. i am very bad about signing my work. combo of long name & bad handwriting......

these are the finished atcs for today-

i think that i may take the doodle ones to saturday market, if i finish a bunch more. they're quick & easy & it will give me a chance to see how people react.
and now- bedtime. recharge for another week (but it's a short week!)

Saturday, June 27, 2009


we were supposed to be in fairfield tonight, but had plumbing trauma ( in the form of not getting things working as planned) and are home. and although that's not so great for husband & house progress, it's ok with me. although it was really nice to be back up there- it's been a while- and the house is so close to being things we can work on here & there instead of all work all of the time when we're there....

anyway- thanks to those of you ( diane and vikki come to mind, sorry to those i am missing) who have made nice comments about the doodles. it occurred to me that i could probably doodle some atcs for publicity for our august show in addition to the mixed media ones i've been making. so while hub was having plumbing hell, i was doodling away-

i can't wait to start planting these around town- so far 8 of us are contributing atcs to the publicity effort. an idea i got from the artist's challenge a few months ago. the theme was aceo's (art card editions & originals) and one of the ideas on the discussion board was to leave aceos around with a note like this :

The art you hold in your hand is an original Artist Trading Card by xxx. If you like it, please email me at mksarts@msn.com and let me know where you found it! If you don’t want it, please pass it on to someone who might- or play the game and leave it for someone else to find!

we added this:

Visit Gypsy Gallery on the Grove on First Thursday, August 2, 2009 from 5-9 p.m. You won’t regret it!! Original Artist Cards from the Gypsies and their guests are spread throughout Boise.

and are going to leave cards around town starting the first week in July. hope to generate some word of mouth & some publicity. at the very least, brighten a day or two :)

and now, bed- more play manana.....

Friday, June 26, 2009


i needed a bit of down time just to re energize...... time to read & just hang out.

here's how the garden is looking, and the front porch which is one of the favorite hanging out spots....

the nearly wild rose- blooms profusely with very little fuss- my kind of plant!
cocktails with the fem friends this evening- isn't this pretty? a work of art in its own right- and a tasty rum concoction too!

and in the bathroom- a gnome with a 45 player hat! a working 45 player!

so we had to find a memorial michael jackson 45, and we did-

and that's it for today..... i am going to drop some watercolor on some paper for more atcs- ones i can just draw or doodle on. i got a whole pile from zella today that are great, and that reminded me that simple is ok too.....
good weekend to all-

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

more play

i don't always know where the doodles come from or what they're really about, but i do know with this one. it's about the drama queen because, well, isn't everything? it must be exhausting.
more playing with atcs and getting started on some new stuff. i did get 3 true 6x8 pieces from the hardware store (the others are a bit off & will require creative framing..... lesson learned- next time i'll take the t square & a pencil with me).

laying the base for mixed media pieces.

these are dryer sheets from the coop- environmentally friendly, won't kill the dogs if they eat them (a BIG plus- i guess that the other kind can create blockage, but these will break down. of course echo wallet eater could probably get away with it.....).
tissue paper..

crumbled sheet music..

next layer may be gesso, may be paint or more paper, we'll see. it's always fun to see how these evolve.
four more finished atcs. found card holders at fred meyer today, tho i need to cut them apart. but cheaper than the ones i found online, even if i do mess up a few by cutting too close to the edge.

that's it for now. after not being able to play for a while this is big fun!
have a great thursday!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

time to play!

yes, the late hours last night paid off and i had a respite this evening. how long it will last is anyone's guess, but i took full advantage, finishing james lee burke, cleaning out the hutch to post on craig's list and playing with atc's.

i ask you- why on earth would anyone keep candle stubs in a shoebox for 10 years? and how many votives, exactly, does a person need? i should be ok for light if we have a power failure lasting, oh, 5 years or so......well, at least now i have another house to take some of this stuff to:) just what i need!

i had some masonite cut at the local thriftway today so i can do some more mixed media pieces ("that weird stuff"). they were great, and didn't charge me to cut the board, which i found amazing. they are my second favorite art supply store anyway (the source of elmer's caulk, for one) and this cemented my commitment to shopping there instead of the big box as much as possible.
played with the cherry pie stamps on atcs after the hutch & doing dishes-
always amazes me that the thing on the right creates the image on the left.....(yay! a new face stamp!)
the atcs in progress

i may have mucked this one all up......

these two for sure are wip (works in progress)

off to bed- trying to get back on a normal schedule- still lots of work to do tomorrow- catching up on the stuff that hasn't been getting done- starting with a run (well, walk/run) with echo...
funny how usually evenings seem too short, but tonight seemed like i had lots of time to do all sorts of stuff. that's what working til at least 8 most nights for a few weeks will do for you!

Monday, June 22, 2009

forever young

creative every day's theme this month is sound. though i haven't been very creative this month, music is very important to me. i am always amazed at its ability to influence my mood and energy level, to stimulate memories and to get the juices flowing. besides music, i love the sound of birds singing that i hear every morning when i walk in the foothills, the sound of wind in the trees and sometimes the absence of sound found in a quiet afternoon.

today was a work work work day. the office is degenerating- here's how things looked at about 10 pm- (well, they looked this way, except the wine, most of the day).

note the critically important ipod- on shuffle- which can be pretty amusing, given my eclectic taste in music. tho there is nearly always a guitar.
and the sketchbook, with doodle in progress.....

and the stamps that came in the mail from cherry pie waiting for me to have time to play again. need to get to the hardware store for some more board too.....
things will calm down a bit soon, and there will be time to play again. in the meantime, i am very grateful for my husband, who did the grocery shopping and who, after 3 years of this knows that staying out of my way and kidnapping me on occasion is the best way to survive planning; my dogs who make me get my exercise and give me smiles daily and the ipod without which this wouldn't be nearly as tolerable....
i am so looking forward to having time to play again!
but now- to bed..... so i can be ready for more tomorrow....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's summer!

at least that's what the calendar says....

started the day with a lovely hike with a good friend & our dogs in a beautiful spot.

then, work on the budget, dinner with steve's daughter & her boyfriend, which was great, the a bit of play. i didn't get much done but i did want to do SOMETHING, so i worked on a few atcs.

this too will pass.......
have a great week, happy summer solstice & happy father's day to all of the good dads out there-