Sunday, May 31, 2009


we have a gypsy gallery show thursday evening and art and roses show is sunday, so i am going through photos looking for some new images to print up. will probably spend saturday getting ready for the show.

here are some shots i took this morning at camas marsh. woke up at 6, saw the sky & headed over there. i love the big sky & cloud reflections in the water.

maybe a few of these, a few from yellowstone- and i have countless others taken over the course of the year to look at.
but for now, update the fairfield blog & taking the rest of the night off.....

show entries

i finally finished this. as you can see, added a bit more in the form of some liquid acrylic dribbles. then spent time trying to get a photo good enough for the application. hopefully this is ok- it's a bit shiny. this is why it's a good idea to finish early enough to have a professional take a photo.

i like it, anyway. this is 12x12

and i entered this one instead of the other one i had posted because i thought it worked better with the other two. it's 7x9.5x1.5
this one is 24x18.
they're sending notification out june 8, so i'll let you know!

Friday, May 29, 2009

play & progress....

there is a juried show that i want to enter that closes tomorrow, so i need to finish this piece. my goal.

this is where it was after tuesday evening-
not feeling quite there, so i added some stencils- number 3 seems to be a theme-
and then some symbols-

then it all needed to be layered & knocked back- some glazing & layers of patterns.
and a layer of gloss gel medium.

i totally need to buy more face stamps..... i love this one and use it a lot.

these are the other 2 pieces that i'm entering. who knows how i will frame them if they're accepted! :)

tomorrow after halle & i walk (echo is under house arrest until his knee is better) i will finish this, get a decent photo & put together a cd with the 3 images. i am so hoping that at least one is accepted- this is a new thing for me, and with mixed media like this it's hard to tell when it's finished or even if it's any good (for me, anyway).
stay tuned..... and any input is very welcome

ps- i love cesar & it all being about energy and how energy affects results.... works for so many things in life

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


haven't been to chicago for a while- or seen christi & renee, so there's some fun to this biz trip. here i am ready to go out. in the 65 degree rain. better than 100 w/ 100% humidity :)
love michigan ave........good visit with c & r, a great cucumber sage martini at zed 415 and some good munchies.... now to rest up for tomorrow's meetings...(oh, and conveniently it's nordy's half yearly sale- bonus!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

studio night

with pam & nancy this evening. great time. spent the night fiddling with this.

after i took this photo i slathered on more matte medium & some cad red paint. coming along. must finish to enter in juried show- entries due the 31. then get ready for first thursday (june 4) and art & roses (june 6). best go through & print some photos.... nothing like a dealine or two for motivation! :)

but- off to chicago tomorrow...... at least i leave mid morning and get to have dinner with some friends tomorrow night.


Monday, May 25, 2009

how does your garden grow?

have i mentioned that maintenance is not my strong suit? things like pruning, fertilizing (yes, even weeding & watering)- all pretty hard to stay on top of. i have learned to plant things that will thrive without a lot of fuss. otherwise the survival rate isn't so good. probably part of why i love wildflowers.

the roses are all old roses- rugosas or bourbon roses- or climbers. the bonus is that most of them are fragrant & bloom for an extended period.

when we got home from fairfield, i ran some soaker hose ( i do water maybe every other week when it's really hot, and this is most efficient- and easiest).

so here's what's blooming now (it's always a miracle!)

frau dagmar hastrup old rose- very fragrant, planted by the front door. love this plant.
austrian copper-

this is a climbing iceberg- another great rose. if i manage to prune spent blooms it will flower all summer. not this profusely, but still nice. faint fragrance.

a bourbon rose- incredibly fragrant, blooms off & on all summer. this one is planted by my fountain in a courtyard- nice place to sit & relax.
and that's the garden tour for now. i did get a coat of medium & a few other odds & ends added to the piece i need to finish this week. studio tomorrow night- will get stuff done then for sure.
and now- bed- after the nuggets hold off the lakers. not a basketball fan, but must cheer the nuggets on!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

for the birds

went to camas centennial marsh this morning. not as early as i originally intended, but i made it.
the camas are blooming away and it was beautiful. fine tuning with the extender & tele lens.

love the yellow headed blackbirds- especially among the blue of the camas.

the clouds and sky were beautiful. i really want to get back at sunrise/sunset & catch the colors in the reflection. maybe tomorrow.....

i looked this bird up, but have of course forgotten, and the bird book is downstairs.... oh well!

some wildflowers....

another blackbird.

there were actually quite a few people there- more with huge (600) lenses. costing several thousand dollars. guess i better start saving my pennies. tho i kept going back to my 17- 70 b/c i love the wide shots of the sky too.....
anyway, home tomorrow, hopefully some painting. must finish piece for art source juried show & get the app delivered by the 31. good incentive!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


i haven't had time to paint or draw or mess about with mixed media lately, but i have been able to get the camera(s) out. the wildflowers are putting on quite a show.

the first from this morning's hike-

and then this afternoon in fairfield, which is about a month behind boise. these are in the field behind the house.
phlox & wild parsley.
larkspur & wild parsley
a currant bush.
not sure what this one is-

hope to get to the marsh early tomorrow for some bird photos- and probably more flowers. and really hope to get home early enough monday to do some painting!
good night for now-

Thursday, May 21, 2009


i don't know where the time went..... i meant to paint & play some this evening, and took garden photos to share- and now it's after 11 and none of that happened.

but we are closer to a computer fix (seems the video card is going out) and i do have some more photos to share, so the rest can wait.

the griz shots are not the best- part not being as close, part excitement & operator error. maybe part the result of the extender. keep trying.

black bear- BIG difference, isn't there?

mas manana- g'night