Tuesday, March 31, 2009

another tuesday!

first, a little freedom-

and- yay! tuesday night studio fun. just nancy & me. the one below has been popping up in my mind for several weeks- since i started it. i was getting ideas and really wanted to get back into the studio to play with it. i think it's coming along nicely. i love the way this mixed media stuff flows....time flies, you stencil a letter, wash on some color, next thing you know it's coming together (at least i think so!)

a little more futzing with these. contemplating entering them in a local juried show. the juror is not an especially traditional artist, so it's worth a try... there is still something i'm not quite there with about the one on the right....maybe i'll dream an answer. and then i need to figure out how to shoot them for the entry.....
speaking of dreaming.... bedtime. hasta!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

ready for another week

i started leaving a piece of watercolor paper on my table to pick up whatever runs off or flows over the edges of the stuff i'm working on. this has provided a base for some pieces and will resurface in collage or atcs in some cases.

i had green paint left over the other night, and the stencils were out. since art helps me breathe this seemed appropriate. it makes me smile-

more play this evening... i put more layers on this-

this is hideously ugly when you see then entire sheet, but if i cut it up it will probably be a good start for trial atcs....
i stopped at aaron bros to buy some white gesso and saw this super heavy gesso, so i picked some up too. it has possibilities- i put it on this canvas board & then stamped with a foam stamp-


and painted-

i've been reading the transparency book & thinking about my wood pieces.

i finally had an idea. started with painting the edges & an elmer's caulk transfer-

the transfer worked great- i am so pleased! elmer's caulk & apollo transparencies give me the best results consistently-

the plan is to place another transparency on the front of the wood to give the image depth. and maybe some copper tape on the edges...... we'll see how it goes-

and now to bed- to get ready for another week.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

must shoot more photos

lovely long hike this am with a friend..... i really need to get the big camera out & use it again. i didn't get the shots i should have.

wildflowers starting. they always amaze me, especially in the high desert. one of my favorite shots is the flowers (any flowers) framed by sagebrush-

this must have been an old homestead. we found rusted springs on a level grassy spot. and this very cool big old tree. have to go back to see what sort of very cool big old tree it is.
another favorite- rose hips- and this should be gorgeous with flowers and fragrance in a few months.

don't know what these are, but they're teeny tiny delicate looking things that, in reality, must be pretty tough.
some sort of desert parsley i think.

and, at home- the species tulips starting to show. love love love these-
hasta- paint manana

Friday, March 27, 2009

being blindsided

i am so not the type to lie or try anything underhanded that i am usually surprised to find that someone else has done so.

twice this week things i thought were agreed on changed. and i found out after the fact. neither is something that can't change again, tho.

you would think, entering my 51st year on the planet (that's right kids- i'll be 50 next week!!!! woo hoo!!!), this wouldn't be a surprise. somehow it still usually is and i am shocked & gifted with a bit of righteous indignation (to help me get things straight) when stuff like this happens.

but i have learned to have faith. i do believe that it all comes back around. i will even admit (painful tho it may be) that sometimes my position isn't the strongest one.

not in these two cases tho :>

anyway, after rabble rousing, stirring it up, getting my point across and otherwise trying to be dealt with honestly & fairly i did get some doodle do-ing done.....

this while steve played with his new helmet cam (i'm thinking dog cam, we'll see). hmmm think the layers, like an onion, and seeds, like kernels (of truth?) mean anything?
then dinner and back to play..... it is pretty nice to have room on the art table to make art & to be able to stand close enough to do the same.
i saw the background technique on diane's mixed art and thought i'd try it. it's a gesso resist- stamp with gesso on raw paper, let dry at least an hour, then paint over, spray with water & rub off. i also spritzed some 90% alcohol. then stamping with black gesso, a bit of embossing and some stencils.

here are some parts of one piece.

i am having fun playing with all of these techniques on paper, but i have no idea what i'm going to do with them. i think i need to see the right way to frame/hang them & i'll be fine. and i think that means raw edges & floating, but we'll see.
hasta. may all of your dealings be upright & honest.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

a little art

after a few nights off recovering from the beginning of the week i played a bit tonight....
a bit more work on this one.... i added the bubbles and then rubbed them off. also added green to the turtle. coming along....
and a few more layers on this one. i like the softer look. my first experiment with letters. hard leap for me just using letters, not words, but it's coming along.
and that's it! but at least it's something! more to come this weekend. off to bed.

Monday, March 23, 2009

worky worky

good to have a job that i like, even if it sometimes means working til 9 p.m.

and starting again at 6 tomorrow. mostly poor dogs, but no creativity done either...

here's some fun from yesterday.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


more flowers.... the violets always remind me of my grandma k's house in berwyn. they grew by her garage and i remember picking them & bringing them in the house. i love it when they grow up through the grass in yards..
and a bit of art. this is another background that i had. i was thinking about using these for journal backgrounds, but never made it. so i just started using stencils & stamping & playing.......who knows where it goes from here, but it's nice to play & not worry about that. it could stay intact, could become an atc or get torn up for a collage. how freeing that is!
busy day coming up- mas manana-

Saturday, March 21, 2009

lazy day

recharge day.... nice hike with margie & dogs..... a little foot icing, movie watching, doodling.....

here are the daffs-
and the lenten rose- right on time, during lent
and a bit o' doodle- sort of a zentangle (tho i didn't pay for instruction or a kit, i'm winging it)
and more doodle- this from a background done a while ago, with some marker and watercolor added- probably more to come....

Friday, March 20, 2009

happy vernal equinox!!!! woo hoo!!!

we gypsies hung our show at the cw moore bldg today. we're in the lobby of an office building with a very nice hanging system where, i have it on good authority, art has actually been sold.

i remain ever hopeful & thankful that my art can live somewhere besides a closet.... i had to sign paperwork as the person in charge of the group. in the "title" spot i wrote gypsy queen....

anyway- first 3 mine, next 2 zella's

3 photos from michael and 2 watercolors from jenifer
kristy's "boris"- i LOVE this painting- and she loves the location :)

also art from pam, cherry & jany.....
first day of spring!!! woo hoo!! flowers in my yard! daffs too- but the photo i took is BAD so you'll have to wait. meantime, more baby iris-
and... it was an evening for sitting on the porch with some wine, the husband & some candles... enjoying the weather, talking, relaxing
happy weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

first flowers!

the first flowers in our yard! yay! a lonely crocus & mini iris....

many more to follow, i am sure!
a bit of play this evening- this is coming along. i hadn't thought of it being water, but it seems to be going that way-
and a bit more work on this. i rubbed some black in to bring out the texture, and then added some silver to brighten things. it needed more contrast.
here's the close up- tiles not yet glued down, but i think they'll stay.

and i added interest on this as well-
both close to done....maybe:)
tomorrow's friday! yay!

amazon attack

i had an amazon spree and have 4 new books to occupy my time-

artist trading card workshop by bernie berlin ( i know i'm late to this party, but better late than never!). could be good to bring to the market & art fairs with my contact info on the back; also good play, stay sharp, little things to do when there's not time to work on a big thing.

animal speak by ted andrews- read about on Leah's Creative Every Day Blog and it sounded interesting- and i think it will be;

transparent art from somerset studios- which i had been looking at, because i have incorprated transperancies into a few pieces (see below) and would like to do more;

and the life organizer- a woman's guide to a mindful year by jennifer louden which offers "tips, stories & prompts to focus your needs & navigate your dreams". it appears to be less of a linear follow the steps and more of a see where your heart takes you approach, which i think will work better for me. this turning 50 thing is making me much more introspective than usual, but it's still a leap to do the work. art journaling sounds good and interesting but is proving a challenge, maybe this will work better :)
anyway- off to the day job & responsibilities- have a great day!