Friday, February 27, 2009


look! the species tulips are popping up! yay! i love these flowers!
and the art i can do when i don't have time to do any- ie the disintegration project- has been rained on, but it isn't showing too many signs of stress.... may need to move it..... but we will have nasty wet weather in march no doubt and things will change.... i sort of like it the way it is

airplane entertainment- listing the concerts i've been to & musical acts seen live...... an x means more than once (in some cases, notably tp, maybe as many as 8 times- but willie, dylan, dwight, lyle and bruce are all probably 4 or more.....)

in my defense, someone gave us the culture club tickets and we left.

beyonce & the black eyed peas i was lucky enough to hear at a sales meeting- probably would never go for either on my own, but both were great.

foreigner, journey, reo, boston, the eagles were all seen in their natural environment- ie the late 70s/early 80s. my rule of thumb is that if a group isn't bothering to be creative & put out new music i'm not bothering to spend $$ to see them. works for me. (only exception was george thorogood a few years ago- and it was fun, but he needs to lose the headband! oh, wait, free tickies- never mind.....)

there are 107 acts on the list. probably missing a few, but it's a good start.

strangest combos- john cougar (pre mellencamp) jethro tull and the who; duran duran and david bowie

best- dire straits, tom petty, grace potter & the nocturnals, acoustic dwight, pretenders

wish i'd seen and will never get the chance- warren zevon, the clash, johnny cash

still might get the chance- aerosmith, courtney love (if she's sane & sober), melissa etheridge, rem

in no particular order-

steeleye span
seals & crofts
bob seger
jimmy buffet- x
willie nelson- x
tom petty & the hbs- x
dire straits
bob dylan- x
dylan & petty
rolling stones
rod stewart
bruce springsteen-x
neil young
eric clapton
jj cale
kinks- x
missing persons
the cars-x
romeo void
john mellencamp-x
the who
grateful dead- in boulder!
chris ledoux
george strait
randy travis-x
dwight yoakum-x
bonnie raitt-x
the donnas
black rebel motorcycle club
the eagles-x
fleetwood mac
the doobie brothers
the beach boys-x
billy joel
jethro tull-with john cougar and the who
elvis costello
george thorogood & the destroyers-x
robert cray
john lee hooker
bb king-x
lyle lovett-x
michelle shocked
john prine-x
jerry jeff walker
culture club
billy idol
charlie daniels-x
bela fleck
neil diamond
chris isaak
big head todd & the monsters
allison krauss
lucinda williams
the foo fighters
grace potter & the nocturnals-x
the raconteurs
john fogerty
robert earl keen
steve earle
clint black
the commodores
shawn colvin-x
linda ronstadt
tina turner
the wallflowers-x
jakob dylan
delbert mcclinton
the waitresses
mary chapin carpenter
rosalie sorrels
joe ely
drive by truckers
old 97s
black eyed peas-partial
hank williams junior-x
tony orland & dawn
merle haggard
elvin bishop
the police
david bowie
duran duran
tanya tucker
mel tillis
keb mo
cross canadian ragweed
ricki lee jones
joan armantrading
reo speedwagon
bad company
rodney crowell
molly hatchet
pure prairie league
stray cats
roger clyne & the peacemakers
pat benetar
happy weekend all!


ahhh..... after a very long week with pretty much no downtime (tho i am glad to have been able to spend time with friends that i don't see often) i am finally home!

landed at 8- in time to swing by the We Art Women event. bev emailed me this because she didn't think i'd be able to make it-

it looked fabulous- and we sold some art! and the silent auction tables were pretty empty. i guess that it was so crowded at 6 that people left- we will need a bigger space next year. which hopefully is already done, courtesy of one of the guests last night. i am so glad i got to stop in!

one thing that's been on my mind is the thought that you get back what you give- only bigger. in the past few months, i have had 2 different people tell me how much the appreciate the help and information that i share.

mind you, this isn't much- it's emailing show information, answering questions about where to get cards made, buy panels, etc. easy, and things that people have helped me with. the interesting thing is that one woman told me she hasn't encountered anyone else in the arts in town who has fostered a sense of community.

i have had some of the same experiences with some of the groups she mentioned. my art just isn't cool or edgy enough- or i'm just not cool or edgy enough- to play in that sandbox (this would be the same group that sent p the letter referring to her "amateurish" watercolors). but if you talk to enough people you'll find those who are kind and willing to help and who want to see everyone succeed.

the second was my neighbor's husband, who said that they were surprised at my offers to help get her art to a show, because m and i are competitors. which i find a very bizarre way to look at things (they are both lawyers, maybe that's why). i just looked at n and said "you get back what you give".

i am so fortunate to have found the creative community that i have and i want to share and build on that. the stronger our arts community is, the stronger we are individually as artists. there are places for different approaches, for certain, and we need to look to see what gallery (or community) is the best fit. we have turned artists down for gypsy gallery- but not unkindly (i hope). i still invite them to participate in our open shows, and answer questions.

a lot of artists find this community online- and i have been fortunate with that as well.

anyway- thinking about this, as i always do around the time of this event, because the kindness and encouragement i received the first few years here really mean a lot to me.

go do something nice for someone........

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thanks mom

sometimes i remember that i'm going to be 50 ....and it's not always because i'm looking in a mirror

what happens when i look in the mirror, if i am lucky, is that i remember that when i was in my 20s and my mom was 50 i thought she looked great. i loved her laugh lines and the way her eyelids defined her beautiful eyes. i still think the same thing, now that i'm going to be 50 and she's in her early 70s. i hope that i resemble her in spirit as much as i resemble her physically.

there are many things that i thank my dad for too, those will come in another post.

the turning 50 thing is so much about body and looks and how things just aren't quite what they used to be.... but mentally things are so much more open ( if we're lucky)

and just in case you're wondering what i look like- here's the self portrait-

i feel so blessed (not a word i use easily or often, but an accurate word in this case) to have the life i have. i'm ok with being (and looking) 50. looking forward to the next 50.

yesterday's images

Monday, February 23, 2009


this is the best art shot of the day... i am pleasantly surprised to find that we are in an area of atlanta where we can walk- restaurants & stuff nearby. nice dinner with renae, nice to catch up with christi...

long day...... picked up nikki sixx heroin diaries in the denver airport. i am done with self destructive rock and roll autobios for a while. the lack of self respect and respect for others- the failure to take responsibility- is not a surprise, but still distressing. seems a bit of a cop out for these guys to say i was a big mess, and i'm sorry i sucked these people into the black hole but it was beyond my control....

but we all have to grow up and it's harder for some than others. who am i to judge? next book is the year of living biblically, so maybe there is some guidance re judging to be found......

that's it- manana-

Sunday, February 22, 2009


fun afternoon putting together the silent auction packages for the event later this week. we collected spare baskets.....
(except for zella- who made one- that really nice metal one in the middle on the floor there).
and bought abd brought tissue paper, ribbon, shredded paper, etc....

end result- 25 really nice groupings of silent aution items (worth $5800 collectively) that should bring in some money to the wca. plus we have 15 pieces of silent auction art (value $1800), the 18 centerpieces that zella & i made ($720), 9 great live auction pieces- including more art- 4 pieces with a combined value of over $5000. fingers crossed for a good turn out of generous people!
i hope to get some art done this evening too, but first i need to get packed for my fun filled 4 day trip to atlanta. i think i need to get up at 3 :30 tomorrow morning. ack!
taking the camera, will make it my mission to do my best to get an art shpt daily. if not that, to at least check in with some hotel photos..... :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


the day started with a fabulous walk, beautiful big blue sky, happy dogs and no stress

then caralea and i organized- we put together silent auction baskets (virtually with our friend excel), we bought wine, we went to big lots and the dollar store & bought tissue and containers and ribbon and other stuff to put together real packages tomorrow.

then i napped. then i went to pick up a few last minute donations.

my neighbor came over with his wife's pieces for the show. molly had a family emergency and had to leave town. she was going to just pull her work. i offered to take it for her, so here we are.

then i met caralea at the visual arts collective to check out the local music they were showcasing. local bands playing 3 songs, one to be put on a cd. some fun stuff. and a great sampler- b/c if you're not crazy about what you're hearing it will go away soon.....

i was quite impressed with the guy who played his computer. i don't like electronica much, and show-wise there wasn't much to it, but he wasn't nearly as whiny as the next band who needed more, no less, no more guitar in the monitor and then more piano and vocals and by the way.... well, you get the idea.

art done today? not so much. the disintegration project is hanging in the tree. we have had beautiful weather- which is to say that there isn't much weathering going on. i have this hanging where i can see it from my office window, but may need to move it to a more exposed spot. on the other hand, when it gets wet, as it surely will, things will happen.....

painting boxes to put silent auction items in....was hoping for arty, running out of time. we'll see what i can do before noon....
lastly, ye ole hubcap. pulled the tape off, have some ideas..... he may be waiting until my return from atlanta tho- the wca benefit is top of mind right now-
good night!

Friday, February 20, 2009

giving and getting

this is the art thing that has been my focus for the past few days. we art women is a benefit for the women's and children's alliance, which provides services (safe houses, transitional housing, hotlines, advocacy) for victims of domestic or sexual violence.

this is a really amazing event, mainly due to the generosity and spirit of the people involved. it started as the celebration of women in the arts about 15 years ago. at that time it was held in a local bar and performing, written and visual artists all participated.

when i started painting (10 years ago) i entered my work. they took everyone and the organizers were always so nice and encouraging. it was so cool as an emerging artist to go to the show and see my work hanging there alongside artists whose names i recognized! and i even managed to sell some pieces- this is where i found my first collector (i guess she actually found me- lol!) i could even talk my friends into going with me (cocktails!).
eventually i got to know zella and she asked me to join the organizing committee. that was the year we moved from the hannah's to the current location. now, the 3rd year as we art women, i am committee co-chair.

this is such a rewarding thing to do, and so easy and fun. the women involved are great. there's no drama- we just handle it. we meet once a month and email in between. everyone pulls their weight and more. the quality of art is good (this year, for the first time, we juried the show- but the entries were so good that we accepted most of the art entered).

the community really steps up. a local restaurant donates the food in exchange for bar profits. a local distributor donates beer & wine so that proposition works for the restaurant. musicians appear gratis. artists donate silent and live auction art. 4 artists participate in a quick draw- creating art that evening to be part of the live auction.
i can't attend this year because of the day job's natl sales meeting. everyone keeps saying they feel so bad because i have worked so hard and can't be there. i'm sorry that i won't see the art hanging and the faces of the artists when they find out that their work has sold or hear the musicians or toast my fellow committee members on a successful event.

it's not much work at all, really- but it is a great opportunity to get to know women that i wouldn't have and to contribute to a good cause. i am honored to be invited to help. so honored that i invited some friends to join the planning committee this year (hope they feel the same!)

i have gotten so much from my involvement with this event that i hope i can share. it's very special to me. thanks zella.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

wed eve

when i decided to use a compass for the hubcap, i thought i would check into what colors are associated with the cardinal directions and use those. little did i know..... i came across all sorts of information.

there is a lot of information, and various meanings, but i decided to use the lakota sioux information that i found. the center of the hubcap is now a medicine wheel, with white for north, yellow for east, red for south & black for west.

here's the first coat. other tribes use different colors, and i think that the arrows will reflect that. the north arrow will be blue, east red, south, yellow- west is still black. we'll go from there. there are animals and birds associated with each direction too- still thinking about that.
it's a good start, though and i'm happy with the concept. that's half the battle! here's the second coat-
and then, while dh was doing turbo tax (with nary a curse to be heard!) i was doodling. the lesson of this piece is if at first you don't like what you did pile on more paint. it ended up ok!
time to toddle off to bed...... hasta!

Heartless Bastards - LIVE 'The Mountain'

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

slogging along

thought you might be amused to see all of the stuff i haul with me on tuesdays. only, in some cases (tonight) to be stymied as to what to do.....

i did find enamel paint that's not spray paint at fred meyer. yay! in several colors. and am getting the pattern set in my mind. so i should be able to start painting the hubcap this weekend. want to do some reading on colors associated with the directions. maybe symbols too. we'll see....

then, because i was devoid of inspiration and am challenging myself to USE WORDS (and i do like the look of words & stencils in art) i started playing with this. which is hideous right now, but won't be forever. hopefully.
i'm thinking some newsprint. maybe i'll take off the white blob in the lower left corner. or maybe i'll cover the whole thing with tissue paper. or try to figure out what was stolen. who knows....

and lastly the fun silly easy to toss off thing that who knows what will happen to. maybe a layer of gesso to knock back the flower & print a photo on top. or tear up for a collage. but it's fun and cheerful, which isn't all bad!
oh well- play is good. it would just be nice if it would all come together in a blindingly brilliant piece at some point :) but probably not in february.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Old Crow Medicine Show - Caroline - Merlefest

february revisited

february is the longest month. don't let the calendar fool you. luckily we're more than halfway through. still feeling a bit puny. not really sick, just low energy & not much brain it's probably good that it's gray outside & slow inside...

i bought new music yesterday to perk things up a bit- the derek trucks band- already free (yes, i can tell he played with the allman brothers- i like it- lots of guitar, southern rock); the gourds- haymaker (needs more listens, so far so good); heartless bastards- the mountain (again- like it, need more listens. husband thinks she sounds a bit like lucinda williams but there's more rock & roll- the breeders were cited as an influence) and old crow medicine show- tennessee pusher. nothing like some bluegrass (mostly) to brighten the day.

if i can get it to work, i'll post some youtube videos to check out.

i played around with hubcap ideas- actually got the scale down, etc. i think i will go the compass route, b/c all i can think of is road trip. this is the photoshop doodle. actual will be quite different because of the terrain of the hc, but i am headed in the right direction now..... at last!

we all got signed up for the race to robie- amazing b/c every year the site crashes as lots of people try to get in it. a 1/2 marathon that's a blast to do. i hope to be able to walk it- here's to the foot holding out!

bedtime- want to feel better! tomorrow is art night so i'll have more visuals to post.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


look! crocus popping up! they do this every year and then get their little tips frozen off- but it is so good to see the growth peeking out. especially when it's gray like today....
i spent much of yesterday and today hanging on the couch with a book, reading and dozing. needed the down time. of course, that's after the hike yesterday morning & the trip to craft warehouse for hubcap supplies this morning (and the bonus sale on stamps), giving echo a haircut & bath and setting up myspace and starting turbotax....but, there really was a lot of down time in there!
another heart for valentine's weekend. now i have the 2 large cute colorful frames filled for gypsy. yay.
then i played a little bit. val at val's altered HeART is always using paint chips. and marilyn posted a technique using them too, so i picked up a few at ace yesterday. my second favorite art supply store!
so i tried the embossing powder that i haven't used since i bought it a while ago.... this could be a fun addition to something at some point.
a bit more doodling on scrap watercolor paper......
and here's the hubcap- ready to go.... now i just need inspiration..... i have some ideas floating around- involving maps & road trips, but will have to play a bit... and now off to bed. hope i have more energy tomorrow.

Saturday, February 14, 2009