Sunday, December 27, 2009

transfers & construction

got to play some today. started with a transfer of one of my favorite trees to metal.... remembered to clean the metal with alcohol first. used elmer's caulk ( in the pic) and an apollo transparency (on the left on top of the medium jar)

here's the transparency after it has been burnished on the caulk-

a few minutes later rolling back the transparency.

got a clean transfer.

and here it is after drying. it's a bit darker than i thought it would be, but the detail is good.

put some braces on panels so they're ready to go. these are baltic ash plywood rather than masonite. left over from an encaustic class last year. not that that should make any difference, other than it is more absorbent. layers of gesso and paper and medium later that may not matter.

this is moving toward done. needs something more, though.

added the stencils & it's close.... i will try to get a better photo tomorrow- between the plexi & gold leaf it's pretty shiny.

a bit more on this. the crane isn't transferred yet. i think i may do another layer or two first- maybe some tissue to knock some of it back, carry the blue from the thumb back into the hand. upper right hand corner needs something too. that's part of the fun of the blog, having a record of how things evolve.

good to see progress. been a great 4 days off- and wed- fri off next week. looking forward to more play!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am sitting here pea-green with healthy envy at the amount of work you have accomplished!
The piece with the map is growing into a beautiful lovely work---meditative.
The tree, with my soft spot for such, turned out gorgeous. An excellent photo.
GO GIRL!!!! Make that art!
On the gold leafed piece, had you considered a bit of crackle paste as it would have a stucco look, and maybe a bit of *marianne blue*??? ;)


Julie Jordan Scott said...

How cool this is!! I am completely unfamiliar with this process and am blown away by your generosity in sharing it with us.

Diane said...

Love that tree image transfer. I have yet to find Elmer's Caulk. I've checked Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware & nothing! You have such great results with it. Very nice!

dandelionlady said...

I really like your work! It's just beautiful! I've tried my hand at image transfers and I've just not been able to manage it at all. Your work is so inspiring!

rennata said...

Like Julie, I am unfamilar with this process, but now I want to run out and try it as yours looks so wonderful. Thank you for sharing.


marianne said...

hi all- thanks! if you're interested in transfers, there's an inkjet transfer yahoo group that is a wealth of info. i'm always happy to anser any questions i can too-

dewatobay said...

Marianne, thanks for sharing your tips. wonderful variety