Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tis the season

at last! a tree! you can tell that i've had cats most of my adult life- nothing on the bottom foot or so.....

i haven't had a tree the past few years because we've been gone on or around Christmas. i really enjoy getting out all of the ornaments- lots of memories. i think that some are from sears 30 or so years ago when i had my first Christmas alone.

then there are the ones from special occasions- like the year we were in yellowstone for my parent's 50th anniversary.

childhood memories- the troll makes me smile

a gift from my sister from a trip to new orleans....

there's a ruby slipper, a pumpkin, a bouvier, a cat, a marshall field christmas tree, a blue & green ornament from the year my mother decided to have a blue & green tree (that was so not worth it for her- we tortured her for our regular ornaments), a salmon from pike place market
and a wreath carrying tyrannosaurus rex from the same (given to my grandmother). it's a very eclectic tree and it makes me happy. rest of the decorations will make their way up over the next few days.
i also got 2 transfers done. did this with golden matte medium b/c i think i printed it on a 3m transparency & i thought that might work better. it worked great.
as you can see from the blurry close up- just a few small spots that will be easy to cover.

i moved the cactus farther into the corner & cropped it a bit. i like the placement better. this was a caulk & apollo transparency transfer. it came out well too.

neither piece is remotely close to done, but both are progressing.
m-i-l update- she's out of icu and has feeling and movement in her left arm & leg. the clots are still there, but things look better than they did. and since she's out of icu i can find something christmassy to cheer up her room.
and now off to bed, with hopes that this icky rain stops.

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Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love your tree, Marianne. We have a similar philosophy about trees - memories, not fashion statements! I'll be putting mine up at the weekend and every single ornament holds a memory. And still time for some art work...?!