Monday, December 14, 2009

slogging away

tired, not very motivated. mother in law about the same. it seems that it will be a wait & see situation for a while. she did have a good night last night.

busy day at work, also got the snow tires put on. got nephew's christmas gift bought. got some cards in the mail & immediately felt PRESSURE!

i had an order for some photos, which was nice, so i found the images ( really do need to get things organized- that took longer than printing did!)

while i was at it, i printed the transparency for the bench piece- cactus & cactus flowers to transfer-

and i was thinking the plexi piece would go over those elements something like this- still working through it. the cactus itself may be too dark- will take some playing.
i like old baldy on this piece. i'm afraid to put him on just yet, for fear i will want more layers or something in that area & it will be hard to protect him. but i think if i judiciously use spray var i should be OK. i think this may be printed on a 3m transparency, tho, so it may not work anyway... hope to try tomorrow night.
or not, since tomorrow's goal is to get a tree. first one in 2 years, since we've been gone the last 2 years. can't wait!
but now, drag the tired ole carcass off to bed. sleep well all-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Too much to do this time of year and the stress level of having someone ill doesn't help at all. I am trying to stay calm today----HAHAHAHA!!!! I want it to be this time Thursday...when I can think of your images and envy you being in the studio, mulling the possibilities.
Have you thought of pushing the cactus transpariency up so as to show more of the flowers, then the bottom could easily be lightened/worked in thru various means.
I like the bald eagle on the map BG; am sort of wondering if he should be a bit larger...but he does seem to work. I use lots of wokable fixative on things I want to keep clean, but might change my mind later and HAVE to put something on them.
Enough..sorry...wrote a book.


Vikki North said...

Love the sepia tones. Really pretty!

Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Holidays sweet girl.