Tuesday, December 1, 2009

published! and hanging :)

it came in the mail..... and there i am.... in the palais d' art section! click on the image below for more info on pasticcio quartz.besides being my first time published, i am especially excited because one of the first books on mixed media i purchased was angela cartwright's mixed emulsions. i became aware of sarah fishburn's work through that book, alphabetica and the complete guide to altered imagery. these two inspired me to try new things & opened up a whole world of ideas, so it's very cool to be selected for their zine.

in other news- we got the show hung last night and it looks fabulous! the space and the art are both great. i will get better photos to share- set up was, as always, a bit hectic- especially when trying to get everyone else situated too. fortunately mom & dad were there to help. it was so nice to have some new pieces to hang, and things seem to hang well together.

and now..... finishing up a few price tags, packing the hubcap up to mail back, take mom & dad to the airport later and a full day of day job work. no studio time, but maybe some art play this evening....


Judy Wood said...

Congratulations on being published for the first time! That's got to be a good feeling, and bonus that it's in a publication that is meaningful in the development of your art career.

Diane said...

Congratulations, Marianne! That's great news.

lucidRose said...

You are a busy artist in every sense it seems. Big congrats on being published! Im interested to hear more about this new show.

best wishes
-Chelsea Rose

marianne said...

thanks ladies!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sorry this is so late---one of *those* days!!!
Big CONGRATS!!! On both occasions!
And yes, hanging a show is a lot of work; been there, done it many times, you've earned a nice bottle of wine I think! ;)
HAppy for you!