Sunday, December 6, 2009

play at last!

started off with a nice walk with the dogs- well, at about 10, so i really started off with some lounging about & coffee drinking...

it was beautiful, if a bit nippy.

i looked forward to making art today and then i was stuck for what to do. leah at creative every day has recycling as december's theme, so i hauled out unfinished, half finished, wishful thinking it was finished stuff from the drawer that houses such things.

and was totally uninspired. there's a reason this stuff is stuck in a drawer. which didn't stop me from shoving it back in there hoping inspiration will strike NEXT time :) there are parts of things i like, they'll let me know when they're ready for something.

so i went the easy route, starting backgrounds on the boards. i wish i could figure out how to paste paper without getting the wrinkles. it may be that i should let the glue dry before i slop on gel medium. i used a credit card to smoother everything on, and it looked pretty good until the gel.

worked out ok, b/c i rubbed and pulled off the parts that really bothered me.

and now, with the addition of some of my other favorite color quinacridone/nickel azo gold i have a nicely distressed start on a background.
after hearing some good things about my hearts at this week's show, i decided to make a few more. here's the first step- a monoprint made with acrylic paint.
lastly, i did finally finish this piece. i added the black at the bottom, glued the metal on & added the carpet tacks. i like it.

it was great to have the day to putter around & play with art.

added to that, the broncos won, the other broncos are going to the fiesta bowl, steve and i made ourselves a good dinner, i'm refreshed & ready for the work week.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I use a medium gel (matte) to put paper on, and then work it flat with an old paintbrush. *USUALLY*---notice the mephasis on that?---usually the items lay flat.
It has less water than some of the regular glues/collage mediums. Yeah, it's more expensive but I figure it's easier on my heart and veins from not throwing a big honking fit! LOL!
And you don't have to wait as long to put things atop. Just how I do things, sine I am so anal....LOL!!!!
Love what you put together.


Judy Wood said...

Two things come to mind re the paper gluing--one is to use a spray adhesive, although they have their own set of concerns and you might not want to go there, and the other is to use a firm brayer and roll/smooth the wrinkles from the middle out. A third option (likely the one I'd go for) is to embrace the wrinkles as part of the process and an interesting design element. The one with the map and music is looking good!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

You did ALL THAT in one day?!! What a difference it made applying the quinacridone / nickel azo gold (I have no idea what that is so I hope what I cut and pasted from your text makes sense here!)

marianne said...

thanks guys! janice- you are exactly right- that's the color of the gold paint that i washed over the map/music. and i just put the finishing touches on the last one- it's bee mostly there for a while.

Cindy Davis said...

Thanks for the nice little art "break" for me today Marianne. I didn't have any time for myself in the studio today.

BTW quinacridone/nickel azo gold is my favorite color/hue of all time.

Cindy Davis