Wednesday, December 30, 2009

odds & ends

spent much of yesterday getting up & running desk-top wise again (we have a laptop but i just couldn't see not having the desktop available- creature of habit? maybe.....or maybe i was just very scared at the thought of 2 adults in the same house with only one computer)

best buy was crazy, but i have to give the geek squad credit- they helped me figure out a way to access the data on my old computer's hard drive so that i could do the data transfer myself and not be down for 3-5 days. thought i'd need a new scanner, but we may be ok with just the new computer. which has handy spots for the camera cards right on the tower.

after downloading and reinstalling programs and finding new drivers to work with windows 7 until 11:30 last night it was very cool to wake up to winter wonderland. here's this morning's walk.....

this afternoon was my first training shift at the gallery. also need to pull together the first round of stuff to be hung. we each have 144 linear inches with which to play. i put together a mix of things ranging in price from $50 to $550. once i got the stuff to the gallery i realized that some of it had to come home. i had some photographic images that were probably pushing it. also realized that i had, gasp, some pieces that didn't have wire to hang from.

here's the pile that's going back tomorrow.

for those of you who don't know, having anything other than wire (sawtooth hanger, this sort of hooky thingy) is a big no no for shows and galleries. it's just too hard to quickly hang pieces with any other sort of system. and i knew better, i just didn't think. so some of these pieces now have many display options......

these are the 2 transfers i did the other night. will mount on a wood base of a yet to be determined design. the shells will probably have real shell or pieces of. i bought some iridescent medium that could have an application here..... hmmmm.

see the part missing in the raven's head? there was a hair in the caulk. pulled it out & now i have a line. luckily i can paint it in.

and a bit more on this. added 2 caulk handprints- must be the 3's thing- and some crackle paste (thanks judy). it's shaping up!

back to the gallery tomorrow, then home to make black eyed peas to eat under the table for good luck tomorrow evening. ( don't ask me where the under the table part came from- i think my friend made it up but we have to do it anyway!)

have fun under the table or where ever you may be tomorrow night-

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