Wednesday, December 2, 2009

nearly there

tonight's project was business cards and magnets. of course i ran out of the filler for the xyron after 2 passes.... seems like i just ordered one, but i guess not. not that i use it often. so i can order another and maybe a new blade for the paper cutter too. since it only works going one direction & that's getting pretty dull too.
of course this necessitated going back through photos for the year. one handy thing about blogging is that i do have all of the blog photos in individual folders. so i can look for art blog or dog blog photos. it's fun to look back, but boy the year went fast! hard to believe it's december. i think i was hoping things would start slowing down in june?

anyway- here's one photo per month, january- november.....

making me wish i'd had time to print some new things out & swap out prints in the bins. but maybe next time. i need to go through & inventory cards & figure out what to do with stuff that hasn't sold for years..... be a good thing to do before the march show.
meantime, i am itching to make art again! so once the show's done & we hit the holiday slows at work watch out! i may even get clapton & joplin (zella's dogs) painted finally.
looking forward to a fun show tomorrow night. they're always good, even if business is slow. sounds like there will be lots of people out tomorrow night- hopefully that translates to sales for at least some of the artists!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Enjoyed the photo-walk thru a year that went entirely too fast!
And I never thought about looking thru my blog pix; I always go to my regular photo file, which is a gigantic mess I've been attampting to organize.
Your cards/magnets look really cool!!
Here's to art time!