Friday, December 4, 2009

gypsy gallery

we had a great show last night! lots of people through, good music, most of us even sold stuff! woo hoo!

one of my favorite things about the shows is my fellow gypsies- this is me & kristy, who i haven't seen in a while, tho she's usually one of the tuesday painters. hope to get her back soon.

and kristy's work

me, zella and pam.... zella and i co-chair the arts benefit for the women's and children's alliance and have fun collaborating, and pam is a tuesday night regular

here's a sample of pam's found object assemblage.

my wall.....

jenifer's watercolors, which i love for their bright saturated color and the unique way she uses the medium...
nancy & vicki's jewelry

miriam and her mixed media. miriam is the one who first taught me image transfer, who rents us studio space & her house on the coast.

cherry's watercolors. cherry is the dynamo who found us this fabulous spot.

ladonna's jewelry

i know that the photos leave a bit to be desired, but it gives an idea. we have a total of 20 artists- 7 photographers, 4 watercolorists, 1 found object assemblage, 2 oil painters, 2 mixed media, one metal, one glass, 2 jewelry. the art is good, the show is nice & hangs well together. we had lots of compliments last night.

best for me was that an artist whose work i love (i am saving up for one of her pieces) bought one of mine last night. no bigger compliment for me than to have an artist whose work i admire want some of mine. to make it even better, zella bought a piece today.
and best of all, the landlord extended our "lease" for an extra week!
tho i am itching to MAKE art, i am enjoying the part about seeing it all hang & look good together & hearing compliments and selling a few pieces.
zella & i went to an opening this evening at the veue we're going to have we art women in this year. that was fun too, and inspiring. the 2 artists showing had some great, different work.
studio ho! this weekend :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I am speechless at the amount of art there!!! You girls are nothing if not prolific, and from what I could see, very GOOD and prolific too!
I think the push of having shows is the best thing an artist can have for constantly making studio time happen.
Big CONGRATS on the sales!!! :)


Postcards from Wildwood said...

What a FANTASTIC show you've all put on. Such a lot of creativity, and everyone's work reflecting who they are / where they're at. Congratulations to you and all the others. I hope the show went well.

marianne said...

thank you- we're all really proud of this show! and we are selling a bit here & there....

Pam McKnight said...

nice post and yes, it was a fun evening! thanks!

Gayle Bell said...

Looks like a fantastic show. And congratulations on selling a piece to a favorite artist. What a great compliment!