Tuesday, December 1, 2009

about gypsy gallery

saw the folks off this morning. we had a great visit and i am so thankful that we're able to spend time together. thanksgiving is such a nice holiday for that sort of thing- all food & football & relaxing. a bit about gypsy gallery. i went to a workshop put on by the state arts commission some years ago and a local gallery owner and artist talked about how she put on her own shows before she got into a gallery. at the time i had sold a few paintings and was not hopeful of gallery representation. a friend and i hit on the idea of renting an empty space, inviting other artists to join us and calling it gypsy gallery.

the first gypsy was in december of 2003. we rented a space that had been a furniture store for $100, had 15 or 20 artists, many found through a call to artists in the local paper. we all pitched in and brought food and a local musician played free of charge. we had a HUGE turn out- the weather was warm, lots of folks were out & about. i sold a painting and so did a few others. 4 folks in the current show- myself, kristy albrecht, jenifer gilliland & nancy panganiban- were there 7 years ago. kathy wren, art teacher to many of us, generously developed the logo for us.

gypsy kept going. we show 4 times per year, typically on first thursday, which is boise's art walk. we've rented the grove downtown for our summer shows for the past few years. you may remember weather issues with that plan this year, but usually it works out well.

at first, we put out calls to artists, met with people & informally juried them in when we had openings. we normally had 8 members. the last few times we've had artists we know ask to be included- which is why we're up to 10 members now- they were too good not to take! my goal has always been to have a wide variety of media & subject matter represented.

the current gypsies work in metal, glass, found object assemblage, watercolor, photography, mixed media, oil & acrylic. check out the variety at http://www.gypsygalleryart.com/ . it's a pretty loose group- some of us get together & create on tuesdays or take workshops together. some of us only see each other at shows.

we don't have many rules, other than one show per year is optional. we all pitch in to pay for insurance, city license & any other costs (which are minimal). most communication is done via email. one member finds locations for our cold weather shows, usually in empty retail space downtown.

this has been such a great experience for me. i've met some great people, and we've all helped each other figure out a lot of stuff- like where to buy wire walls and have cards made and find card racks, which canopies are best- all of that stuff. we share info on upcoming shows & available show locations.

i would like to be able to do more outreach to emerging artists to share what we've learned, but we all seem to be short on time to get that up & running just now. it remains a goal. i am proud that gypsy gallery is still growing and evolving, and really excited about this, our 7th show, the biggest yet.

next, here's the piece published in pasticcio- i got it scanned in today & thought i would share.

and now, a bit of r & r. maybe i'll get to create tomorrow! :)


Pam McKnight said...

what a great write up! I hope you don't mind I posted a link to it from my blog.

Diane said...

Positively stunning, Marianne! Another BIG congratulations to you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The gallery idea and your piece from the magazine are both so cool! I think it is wonderful that you have a community that supports the arts sufficiently to do this annually. Congrats! You must be doing it right for it to keep going!!!