Tuesday, November 17, 2009

swimming upstream

well, i think it's gonna be one of those weeks..... wonder what the planets are up to? it's all about swimming upstream- at work, making art.....funny thing was that pam & katherine were having the same thing happening....we were all kind of working but not making any progress that we were happy with.

this is my hubcap for the landfill art project, which is a very cool project making art from hubcaps taken out of a landfill in pennsylvania. i've had it since january- been stalled- but need to get it in before year end. the idea was a compass rose using the colors for the directions- there are different colors in different societies, hence the inner & outer. snake around the perimeter but then i got very very stuck. for months.

i keep looking at my ugly hubcap wanting to do something i like with it, b/c i love the project. maybe a mandela. i had zella drill holes for me so i can hang stuff (this was this summer). and here it still sits. pam said it isn't hideous (as i was wailing), merely unfinished. pressure!

so i thought i'd try to make metal feathers. there was an article in the last somerset studios mixed media mag about playing with tooling metal. luckily, i bought some supplies on clearance at fred meyer last year just in case i ever needed them.... and some 36 gauge metal at craft warehouse- who knows why, but i have copper & silver-
so i started to doodle ( those kind of directions are easy to follow)

unfortunately, i'm afraid that the metal is too soft for what i want to do. i think i'll use real feathers instead. but at least i'm moving forward in my mind on this, finally. feathers and shells and beads. maybe some glued to the hubcap too.

when i gave up on that i started playing with this.
next up, rubbing paint off & on and more happiness that i'm using wood as a substrate- this will be good texture on something-
and now, bedtime, b/c if the last 2 days have been any indication work will be a barrel of laughs again tomorrow. and i need to start cleaning the house some time- the parents land on sunday!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think it is the time of year----kind of the same with other people I talk to and here also. Just going through the motions and while getting somewhere, having the weirdest issues with little things; like trying to load time on my cell???
I want to hide till Christams is over, maybe things will have calmed down then!!!
I would take colored broken glass and glue all over the hubcap, then still hang things off it. Texture. For what it's worth.


marianne said...

hi anne- thanks- i was thinking about beads or something inside the rim- you can see in the first photo- we'll see! here's to today running more smoothly!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

What a fantastic, fantastic idea!!

I love how you took us with you through your process. I feel richer (and inspired) from the experience.

Ooodles of love!

Susie said...

What a unique project to be involved in. I like the look of the feather hanging from it. Maybe you could do something like a take on a dream catcher.

Leah said...

keep playing, you'll find your way with this piece.

i love the way the drawings look in the metal!