Saturday, November 21, 2009


this is getting closer to done. i added the stencils a few weeks ago, and slathered a layer of matte medium over to tone down the shiny. i like the way it looks sort of old & mysterious. it may need a little more something, but is very close. this is one of those pieces that has been a long time evolving, but it wouldn't go away.

serenity is just what i need after the past week. stress at work, my stepson's dog got very sick and died last night- a lot of emotional upheaval. today is a good day to take a hike, get the house cleaned up for mom & dad and relax and be thankful for everything we have.


The Gypsy said...

Great texture, I love the mystery of this.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I saw this image over on Flickr and now, when I see her again, I think she looks like a prayer.

Ahhh. A great way to be on a cold, grey, Saturday morning.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Everyone I have talked to has gone through that type of week/weeks. It's like the universe has gone mad.
I have had pieces too that won't go away. Sometimes they re-evolve into something completely different and utterly wonderful.
I like very much what is going on with this piece....the hint of the face is sufficient.
of course (you know me...) a wash of that dark blue you like so well, scrubbed into the texture and rubbed off quickly.....
It's nothing but a passing thought.
No back to getting a felted sweater ready to *DO* something with!
Hope you have a better, more peaceful weekend and also nect week.


Susie said...

I am really liking this. Toning down the shiny really gave it the perfect look. Hope you can de-stress this weekend. My sympathies about the dog.