Wednesday, November 18, 2009

salmon days

because they swim upstream to spawn and die.

mercury must be in retrograde- communication is difficult. yesterday i took this photo thinking that these clouds looked like a secret language, like hieroglyphics. little did i know that most of the day job communications this week would follow suit. thank goddess that this is a rare occurrence & this too shall pass......

i think i may finally have an idea on the hubcap. thanks leah for yesterday's comment. you are right- it just needed attention and some play. and now i will go buy beads & baubles that are the same bright colors as the paint and something soft (maybe hemp, maybe leather) for them to hang from. maybe even some charms- bear, wolf, eagle, etc. we'll see what strikes my fancy. and i may do a raven transfer or three as well.....

and that's it for today's creativity. which is pretty good, considering how the day went. i was feeling especially tender, and spent much of the morning crying and being grateful that, as my colleague reminded me, i was at least in my own home and not running to the bathroom in an office and then having to come out & pretend that my eyes weren't red & my nose wasn't running:)

thankful that even as this was going on i knew i needed to get out and walk the dogs and put things in perspective. glad that i am passionate enough about doing a good job that i do get upset and that i'm old enough to know i need to own what i can & let the rest go.

but maybe we could give the lessons a break for the rest of the week? a few days of smooth sailing & time to clean the house before the folks get here would be good. :)


Pam McKnight said...

I like the beads and the feather- I think you are on to something!
Happy cleaning!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Everyone I have talked to has had the same problems/stress/out-of-synch feel that you're going through. It always seems to start right before the holidays, and as a woman, I always feel we get it worse. Too much pressure, even when you're not out in the *REAL* job world.
I had a friend call so upset I was afraid to hang up the phone last evening.
Today I have to block all that and push forward on my banner work, which is down to a handful of sequins and beads....then the bank and groceries I was supposed to do days ago.
Hang in there!