Saturday, November 14, 2009

monotype class

i stayed up past 12 last night writing my artist statement & resume, and up at 6:30 today (thanks pups!) putting things together to submit for jurying into 2 local art groups- an artist co-op gallery and the local open studios collective. the usual trauma ("are the photos good enough? if there's a tear in the paper on the back of the painting will i be automatically disqualified? do i suck?) gave way to panic ("why is the cd blank on this computer when it looked like the images copied?", "how can we be out of stamps?") to relief ("it's only 10:30 and i'm ready! and class isn't til noon!").

hopefully it all came together ok & i will have some new venues for selling art. if not, i will do a better job next time.

i took a monotype class this afternoon. there were 5 of us & it was taught in a home studio. what fun! susan moore , our teacher, makes beautiful prints of every variety and has a great studio set up.

i don't remember the names of every technique, and forgot about taking notes in the fun of creating, but i didn't forget my camera, so here we go:

first up was a very basic method involving inking the plate

placing the plate into a frame, taping the paper to the frame so it lays on top of the plate & then taping an image on top of that.
drawing the image results in tracing it onto the plate

pressure from hands, intentional or not, creates interesting smudges.
here's the finished print.

and another done this way.

i can see going back into these with colored pencil, glazes of oil paint, etc..... this can be done without a press, which makes it doubly interesting for me.

next technique was all about negative space. we used sticky ink (additive whose name has already deserted me) and wiped off the plate to create our image. i outlined the raven from a photocopy. remember me- i can't draw. (yes, i do believe that anyone can learn to draw, but i suspect that's not one of those things that i'm going to practice and learn, so perhaps it's more a lack of desire than of ability.)
this resulted in a really nice, rich black & white print. this doesn't capture the shading very well. when it's dry i will go for a better scan.
we also pulled a ghost print and i put some background back on that one. the raven shape was wiped out so as not to print back over the image.

here's the result of that one- pretty fun, isn't she?

we did another technique and my results were less than stellar, but that's not why it's not posted here- it's still too wet to scan. i will probably return to it with paint or something, so you'll see it later.

what a great afternoon! fun to be creating in the company of some fabulous artists, susan was a great teacher and as usual learning and playing with a new medium got me all excited about possibilities.

then i came home, made dinner & passed out on the couch. tired! looking forward to a long hike with the doggies tomorrow & some time to make some art.



pam q said...

Trust me.

You don't suck.

Far from it.

Thanks for sharing!

Tammy Vitale said...

wow - what a great post! came over from art every day to browse and fell i love! thanks for sharing this technique - something i've never seen without a press. How exciting!

Kelly said...

Wow, you were incredibly productive! I love your work. The slideshow was terrific. I am sure that the pictures will be accepted...or it is their loss. The prints arre great. I especially liked the black and white crow. I think that the shading transferred well. Good luck with your entry!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

WOW!!!! I love these! The technique seems doable (even for my short attention span and with a pair af latex gloves so I wouldn't be scrubbing my hands for the next 10 years....)! This is exciting!
As to the other paperwork, etc; we all go through that. No, you don't suck, yes you make wonderful art---I said so!---and ultimately it is a challenge to understand different venues look for specific items for their stock. It is not, believe me!, how GOOD you are---it is who is judging and what they like, at the end of it all.
All artists are in this mode right now; I have several friends that have even questioned if they *are* artists due to lack of a sales outlet or lack of income from art.
Art made for the pure love of doing it is the best.
I really enjoyed seeing the print process.....I know I used to have a brayer at one time, and I have a big honking sheet of heavy glass..... now for time......


The Gypsy said...

Thanks for sharing this.. it looks very interesting.
From what I've seen on your blog, I don't think you suck either. Good luck.

Barb said...

Hi Marianne, As I always say, "Live and Learn!" I really enjoyed your explanation of the print process and the results are amazing. Not being an artist, I am in awe! I'll keep my fingers crossed for your submitted projects. Good Luck! Enjoy your Sunday.

Sumabokemo said...

I had so much fun teaching that class--your prints were amazing, Marianne! To answer your questions...we used Daniel Smith oil-based inks. The black was 'Domestic Velvet Black Litho', and the 'secret ingredient' was Setswell by Handschy. We also used transparent base from Handschy for our viscosity prints.

Janet O'Connor said...

This is amazing! I am very curious about your class. Best of luck with your art venues. I watch to see what happens.

Sharon said...

I think they're all wonderful! Looks like lots of fun too. I especially love the birds in the tree.

marianne said...

hi all- thanks so much for your comments! lol- i don't really think my art sucks most of the time- it's just those moments of doubt that we all have...

also, only the first technique was press-less, the raven method required one.

Leah said...

oh, how fun! it's great to see the process. beautiful work, marianne!

Jan said...

this is my first visit to your blog and I have really enjoyed it. I enjoyed your art and your dogs but what kept me here all day was your music. I have been letting your songs play and loving hearing some old favorites and some that I have not heard before. Like right now is someone called Babyshambles. Never heard of them before but sure do like this song, There She Goes. thanks for turning me on to some new music. Love your use of color and imagery in your art work, and the tutorial on monoprinting is getting filed away in my little brain.