Sunday, November 29, 2009

getting ready

at anne's suggestion, a small wash of prussian...... and she's done....

the rest of today was all about gypsy gallery prep- trip to home depot, staples & aaron bros, getting wires on the back of pieces-

loading the car & bringing stuff upstairs.....

making name tags and booth signs for the artists. this is going to be a very fun show. i'm really looking forward to it. we have 21 great artists participating. set up tomorrow evening. but for now, bed. lots top catch up on tomorrow, and my folks leave on tuesday, so i'll want to spend time with them (besides their help setting up the show) too.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love how the one piece turned out!!! (and not because I suggested it---it just pops now!)
Have fun with the show--I'm sure I am going to be off-blog more than on for a while.
Busy time of year!!!


Leah said...

the piece looks fabulous, mariane! and good luck with your show!!

thanks for joining in aedm this year! it was great creating with you!!