Tuesday, November 3, 2009

day 3, aedm

today was all prep & process, no completion, but that's ok. studio night with nancy, pam and pam's daughter katherine (we'll see how i did on guessing the spelling- i'm opting for classic). so much fun to play together.

more work on this background- the white is more glass bead gel, which will dry clear. i think that this is just going to be too flashy for me no matter what i do, between the copper & metallic fluid on the plexi, so i'd probably better just relax & go with it. it's gotten enough love in the comments for me to think i'm overworking.... the beauty of feedback from so many places!

the 2 small backgrounds- (yeah, that's red wine)
one of them trying on a metal square with transfer on for size- it's close

and here's how the other is evolving- it's also close-

and more torso play......
here are the 8x10 plexi prints for the window project..... i just need to find 2 more images to print.

the golden archival gloss spray var got here the other day, so i started spraying the 11x14s. it was working great. i had them laid out on the table between coats, loked over and saw that tinkerbell had managed to walk on each and every one several times with kitty litter feet. i am an idiot. poor tinky was yelled at for my mistake. i think they're ok, though.....
and that's it for day 3 of aedm


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You get more done in one night than I do in a WEEK or longer! WOW! I am impressed!
I love the first image; the color, the testure and the *worn* look of it. I am wondering what a wash of a darker color quickly put on and wiped off would do? Would it bring forward more of the texture? It's beautiful,and yet somehow I think it asks for a little wash of *something*. :)
I'm back to work if I can move today----too long a day yesterday but much accomplished. Very tired....and....I want to PAINT!!!!


Wireworks said...
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Julie Jordan Scott said...

Boatloads of progress! Wow. Impressive... and like you often times I move forward on unfinished projects... wishing I had finished SOMETHING yet... even smaller steps WILL mean finishing... one day.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

The first project is so rich looking. I don't know what you're planning on putting in the foreground but with the right image, which I'm sure you will select (!) it will be absolutely stunning. You know - you have averted enough near disasters to be able to make a positive of fairy-pussy-cat footprints across a piece of art!

Leah said...

You're up to so much amazing stuff!! I really love how the top one is coming along.

linda said...

Wow, so many great works...very impressive!

Pam McKnight said...

another fun evening and guess what- you spelled Katherine correctly!