Saturday, November 28, 2009

busy busy

it's been a busy but great few days. nice to have my parents here, good turkey day with them & some of steve's family & fun evening last night with friends. lots of food & wine & laughter. not much art being made, but that's ok. this goddess showed up a few days ago- she looks very busy and full and happy, which is pretty reflective of how things have been.

tomorrow will be spent getting things put together for december gypsy gallery, which we hang on monday evening. i need to make sure everything is all wired up, and probably load the walls in the car, maybe buy a shop light or two.... of course back to work monday, so this all needs to be done tomorrow.

have been making time to get out with the dogs- here's a photo from today's walk- beautiful blue skies, starting off frosty but warming right up. which is probably how this glove was lost.....

hope everyone is having a great holiday (well, those of us in the states, anyway:))

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I've been trying to avoid all work but it's not working!!! LOL!!
And nothing to photograph here; I'm up a creek! Tomorrow, after the *list* of must do's, I'm going to the wet studio hell or high water. I need art therapy!!!