Wednesday, November 4, 2009

art every day month day 4

not very good photos, but making progress.....lots of blue paint added to this one, then i scrubbed some paint off the back of the plexi so the copper leaf shows thru. i'm happier with it- will try to get a decent photo tomorrow.

and this one may be done......i need to finish the edges with black paint & secure the metal piece- probably via gorilla glue & some carpet tacks....

that's it. i sprayed more plexi so i can take to zella tomorrow night for her to make ornaments out of them.

i need to write an artist statement. i am trying to be juried into a local co-op, competing with these 2 artists- sherrie carter and jaki ashford (hard to believe there are 2 jaki ashfords, but this says she lives in florida..... ) for one spot. i'm nervous, but hopeful that my mixed media is unique enough to be a good fit. anyway- need to have the artist statement done by the 15th for that.

now for a good night's sleep- lots of day job stuff to get done tomorrow, dog obediance class tomorrow night and hopefully time for a gallery visit or two after that for first thursday......


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Sending positive vibes for writing the artist's statement! Your work is beautiful... I have the feeling your just-right words will match as well.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh my! The first piece turned out absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I could not have seen that coming (not the beautiful part!!!! sorry--not awake!)---the combination of the two, the removal of some of the leaf to make more color show through and then the other piece atop.
The second piece is so quiet and reserved; it is hard to compare as they are polar opposites when it comes to color and technique. It is delicate and soft.
Very good---and best of luck getting in the co-op!!!