Saturday, November 21, 2009


a lovely hike this morning. rose hips are one of my favorite fall/winter sights. love this photo- it looks so abstract and all of the bright red random dots make me happy.

got home, cleaned some, then relaxed & watched star trek with the hub. loved it, even if i didn't get to hear bones say "he's dead jim" or see a shatner cameo.

tomorrow zella and i are hanging our christmas window ornaments, then food shopping for turkey day (better make that list!), then more cleaning. maybe squeeze some hubcap work in. i am close on that one, thank heavens! my folks get in at 6. looking forward to a good visit!


pam q said...

Great photo!

I love to photography rose hips and berries too....something about them just strikes my fancy.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love, just LOVE, the rose hips! On the bush I have that usually produces, I have one lone red blob. It looks unnatural.
I found, from other artists, th same resistance to the deadline. In fact, I wrote about it today on blog. What is it with us??? (rhetorical question!)
Good luck with the hub cap---I am glad to be free of things I must do for the moment.
And if you're off blog with all lifes commitments, HAppy Thanksgiving early!


Diane said...

What a lovely shot! Good luck with your decorations, today.

Barb said...

Plump reds! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

shannon said...

wow! as soon as i saw this photo i took a big inhale and felt as though i was on that hike with you. it is so beautiful and makes me want to make a felted wall hanging with this as my inspiration. thanks so much for sharing this morning!