Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tuesday studio night

yay! dirty fingers! nancy & i made it to the studio tonight, and i got some (art)work done.

first two shots at home-

this is my attempt at a clear emulsion transfer from digital art studio. 2 layers of gloss gel, 2 of digital ground- the base is a flexi cutting board that i bought for camping & never used. next step is to print something on it....... stay tuned.....

and silver leaf on the background for one of the plexi pieces.
and the same background after some glazes (prussian, ultramarine & cerulean, rubbed in and off) with glass bead gel added. will see how it looks manana. not sure the gel is in the right place once the plexi is added, but we will soon know.
the raven is getting closer. i fixed the awful dead spot over her back with the fleur de lis. not sure about the bottom.....
and this one. i glazed some prussian (one of my fave colors) to tone down the busy-ness and tie the top right corner to the rest of the piece .
this is a bit glare-y, but i added paper lower left to make the silver flow. i need to go buy a silver leaf pen & redo the center, but it is coming along.
fun evening! i'm so glad to have movement on these- i've just been looking at them, stuck, for what seems like weeks.
there is other stuff going on- our december show is shaping up to be great. we have room for 21 and only 8 gypsies. right now, i only have 2 spots open- and the call to artists went out 2 days ago. way cool!
submitting work to a local coop next month. competing with 2 other artists, one of whom won people's choice at a huge local show that not many local artists are juried into a few years ago. that's mid november- think good thoughts for me.
and then there's the holiday window program that the downtown boise association coordinates.... zella & i are collaborating. more on that later as well. guess maybe i haven't been as art-less as i thought!
and now off to bed....... sweet dreams


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

WOW!!! If I got anything close to that much done in an evenign I'd beoutside dancing namked with joy!!! I have some of the digital grounds and have not had time to try them yet.....will be anxious to see how yours turn out.
I think the crow needs something in the range colorwise of the fleurs.....to anchor is at the bottom. MAybe a wash on and wiped off to leave just a bit? There seems to be enough texture to do that.
Lovely work.....if I was rich instead of BROKE at the moment (an artists usual state!) I sure would buy one of the paintings! Hope you get into the co-op!!!!
Rock on girl!


starblinkee said...

Your work is a beautiful and eclectic mix of art noveau, modernism, and even traditional Chinese watercolor painting style. I am fascinated with your process, for being a traditional painter, I have never tried a technique like this.

Susan Sager Brown said...

I just love the last piece posted. The silver is awesome. So much texture, so much to see!the window project sounds so cool, look forward to seeing the project progress.could you send me a link to your post about doing transfers on glass? I want to do some transfers onto olive oil bottles. I'm already thinking holidays too! Thanks!!xoSusan

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Love how these are turning out! Good luck with submitting your work next month.