Sunday, October 25, 2009


started the day off with a nice hike, but since hub is on the desktop which is where i downloaded those photos i can't share right now. it was a beautiful day, though, and nice to be outside. after hiking for a couple of hours, back home to do a bit of preparing- i have a few more poinsettias ready to print, i just need to prepare the plexi.

then to dog training with echo. luckily my laziness over the past few weeks hasn't set us back too far, tho we do need to work on our down.

then home to make chili and back to photoshop.

i did a little bit of painting. i wanted this to look like shooting stars or northern lights, but the lines are too heavy. i may need to wipe it off and start over. also need to buy some copper leaf for the base.

and added some more to this- wanted more layers, but not more busy-ness. interference paints seem to work pretty well for that. i added some flower stencils and some dot pattern stamps. which do a nice job of echoing the red dots. then i slathered some matte medium all over. we'll see how it looks tomorrow...
and now off to bed- lots to do tomorrow.


Mystery Artist said...

Looks great so far!! can,t wait to see the finished work!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think you have finally reached *IT* on this piece. Liked it before, but as any artist, kept thinking well, maybe a bit more.....
It sings right now!
I so love interference paints!!I use them probably too much... :) but they add so much without adding something heavy.
Beautiful! Perfect.


Diane said...

I absolutely LOVE the 2nd one. I love all the colors & big flowers. The Zebra really tops it off. Really wonderful, Marianne!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Oh, I like the effect of the shooting stars. They are denser than one would think when they fly through the sky....

marianne said...

thanks all!

m.a. and julie- thanks for the comments on the first one. it helps to get a different perspective.

and anne & diane, thanks for comments on #2- i think it is finally done! yay!

maiaT said...

Hi Marianne,
These are beautiful art pieces.
I have visited a few post to see how you make them but I have to come back sometimes to see more.