Tuesday, October 27, 2009

studio night!

fun and productive studio eve with wine, nancy, brmc......

we had our first meeting for we art women, our annual art benefit for the local women's & children's shelter today. one of the things we're going to do is get local celebs to do art torsos for the silent auction. i had in mind the small papier mache ones....... rocci brought 2 of these bigger plastic-y ones in- so now we have a few options, which adds to the fun.

i decided to see if gesso would work for a ground in case anyone wanted to paint one.

and yes, it appears to work.....

i didn't really have anything to work on (well, other than the portrait of z's dogs that i have now owed her for a year)- need to build more backs on the masonite i have- so i brought some things that need help. i was going to cover the image til nancy saved her....

instead, a framing element....and a layer of gloss gel medium. it will still need something, but is MUCH better

panel for the shooting star plexi piece. copper leaf added

and glass bead medium. will probably need something more, but a good start.

and i have long had this piece sort of hanging around. it's a print on lutradur of a drawing of mine that's on canvas. i like the image, but the presentation is kinda boring. hope this helps.

2 small panels started. who knows where they go from here, but at least they're headed
one great thing about this blog is that it helps me remember that the journey is as important as the result.

it's an accomplishment just starting. it's an act of faith to change that empty space. a blank canvas can be a very scary thing. it's easy not to take the photo or not to draw the first line. sometimes the hard thing is taking the chance- even if no one will ever see what comes out. there are days that laying down a layer of gesso on a board that will sit around for a few months is a huge step. it's important to remember that.

i'm not necessarily feeling that way tonight, just at a point where everything is starting again, but i want to be mindful that the process is just as important as the result. there's less pressure that way too ;)

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I always have gesso and canvas (when I'm not sewing! damn!) so that I can put the heavy textured gesso bases on when I am in a non-creative mood. It is hard for me to swing from the sewing back to the painting, but I manage eventhough it requires *start-up time*. Sometimes I wish just made some money with the art, but it's the sewing that does it.
Love your grounds; having them ready, like the canvas I do, makes it easy when you have the inspiration strike!