Saturday, October 24, 2009

small stuff

when i was trying to decide what this needed a few days ago, my friend anne suggested adding some dark to the bottom to echo the color on the fleur de lis. which was what i'd been leaning toward (great minds & alla that). i went heavier than she suggested, but i think it works. i did lift some out with alcohol- there is more subtlety in the color than is evident here. now what this needs is a big fat ornate gold frame...... i think. i'll take it out with me & see.

this isn't a great shot, but i lifted some of the dark paint from the mid left with alcohol- it's more golden & lighter and ties in with the area where the zebra is. i also put a couple of white flowers back in. closer. maybe a layer of gel medium while i contemplate...
i also dropped 2 plexi poinsettias at zella's for her to work her metal magic on. can't wait to see what happens! it is way fun to collaborate with someone who i am so comfortable with. i know that i will love whatever she does, and chances are that it won't be what i would have thought about doing, but the piece will be much stronger for that.
then- a bit of photoshop for more poinsettias for the window project, and built another base for another plexi/ wood piece.
and now..... boise state football. more play tomorrow- after a hike, dog training & probably some leaf raking.....the fun never ends!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah, the crow looks exactly as I imagined!!! He is wonderful! I always paint around the edges (I use gallery wrap most of the time) to avoid the dreaded framing dilemma, and let what I'm working on stand on it's own.
Like the second piece quite well too, but there is something about Mr. Crow........

Anne.....half asleep still.....