Saturday, October 3, 2009

not much action

market today. it was a slow one...... but nice day, if chilly- and i made $12, which covered parking :) some days are like that.....

the canopy bit the dust today- but at least the timing was good- i have all winter to find another one- and i hadn't gotten around to replacing the canopy part, so i can just buy a while new one.... better start selling some pieces!

i am hoping to get to some art tomorrow- friend's 60th birthday party last night, house cleaning for a friend who is coming from out of town next week- and there's getting caught up on work stuff from being without my work laptop for a week (blue screen of death not good, it folks who can recover your hard drive, very good!).

sweet dreams!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, slow day or not, your booth looks great!
My cousin does a lot of markets and shows and I don't know physically how any of you do it.
Kudos to you! I seriously admire people who can do it! screen of death. Been there too many times......


marianne said...

hi anne- thanks! it gets easier if you can get organized (i'm almost there after 8 or 9 years!). it's always fun to see neighbors & chat & people watch, even if sales are slow.