Tuesday, October 6, 2009

i managed!

didn't think i'd have anything to blog today, but i do! this is how i started my day. i love the floppy sagebrush and the full moon. i love my walks with my dogs in the cool clear solitary mornings. even if the weather isn't clear the walks help my mind be.

i am obsessed with the bird on a branch against the sky shot. and since janice from postcards from wildwood mentioned that a previous shot might make a good stamp (been meaning to try to make some) i am even more intrigued.....love the bird on the far right flying in (seemingly w/o wings...) then there's the stuff started last night as a home for this.... thanks to the hub for his help here's the base- masonite with a brace (and frame for a hanger). first glued.... then screwed not yet tattooed (yeah, i think i'm funny), but gessoed.... this will probably end up with silver leaf & glass bead medium & other fun stuff- we'll see.

my very good friend (and biggest fan in austin) arrives at happy hour tomorrow and then we're headed to the beach (with a stop or two in between) so it could be kinda quiet- please try to have as much fun as i will be having!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love your blue trees image, Marianne. And as for being obsessed by birds on trees - I know the feeling. This sort of thing often happens to me. I'm currently on the lookout for 'interesting skies'!

Leah said...

Nature walks clear my head too, though I sometimes wish I had a doggie along for company! :-)

Love the bird branch images too!

Amanda said...

Hi Marianne,
I've been tracking back through your blog and enjoyed seeing your progress with the plexi - it has turned out wonderfully.
I'm wondering when you use the Golden dig ground on the non-porous surface, do you have any problems with pizza wheels tracking ink? Or have you removed yours?