Monday, October 26, 2009

how it came together

maia left a comment yesterday about looking back in the blog to see how i put things together and i realized that i am sort of disjointed in explanations, so i thought i'd go through this one step by step.

first, i out golden digital ground for non porous surfaces on a piece of 8x10 plexi and printed the image below. i finished the image with uv resistant gel topcoat and drilled holes in the corners. taped the plexi first and started with a small hole, building up to the appropriate size for the bolts.
once the image was sealed with the topcoat, i painted the back with oil paints, then dabbed off with a paper towel for texture.
the background is built from a piece of masonite with a frame as seen below. first attached with wood glue, the reinforced with screws.

then 2 coats of gesso.....
next, on this one, a layer of silver leaf.
some washes of paint (acrylic in this case) and fill in where the leaf didn't take, along with glass bead medium slathered on with a palette knife.
a little more paint added to highlight the beads, and the plexi screwed on. there's a bolt between the plexi and the board to keep the plexi up off the background.
art today- we met with our shopkeeper for the holiday window project. zella did amazing things with the 2 pieces i took her- we have beautiful ornaments. our client was pleased. so now i need to print 4 more 11x14 and 2 8x10 pieces of plexi for z to do her magic on. so here's the plexi with coat 1 of digital ground.
one of the finished pieces had a scratch. i know that i needed to figure out something for a finish. luckily, when i stopped at boise blue for copper leaf today there was a golden newsletter dedicated to using digital grounds right there on the counter! terrie let me take it- and there was info on finishing pieces. i love serendipity! the good news is that it appears that if i spray crystal clear i can then seal with gloss varnish & protect the print. and i got to try it out on the piece that was ruined so that i didn't ruin the piece that was still good. yay.
here's the start on the background for the other 8x10 plexi piece. will have copper leaf over the paint.
lastly- got good photos of these two pieces- the top one is 12x16 mixed media on board (same base as shown above)
this is 11x14 mixed media on canvas.
and that's it for now. we got halloween costumes tonight too. i love halloween and am so excited that it's on a weekend & that hub wants to go out!
studio tomorrow night- more fun to come! hasta-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This was delightful seeing the process from start to finish!!
If you go to the Golden website, I think you can sign up for that newsletter; I'm pretty sure that's what I get, plus every once and a while I get a sampl of something new they have come out with.
Still love the way work changes in the process......and even as an artist (and am sure you've gone through this) can't believe how a tiny color change makes everything POP!
Mr. Crow has a soft spot in my old heart.....don't know why.
Have a good one!
Moving slow......


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Very cool - thank you for sharing your process with us!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! All of them! And great explanation. ...Still think you're very brave!!!

peggy gatto said...

Thank you!!!