Wednesday, October 21, 2009


3 years ago, the city and downtown boise association began a program of hiring artists to paint business windows for the holidays. artists are paid a fee and there is a window walk and prizes awarded for 1-3 place. i participated the first year. i had no idea that window painting could be so challenging! among the things i didn't know is that a little bit of soap in the tempera evidently makes it flow oh so much easier.

i was assigned a local bar, and they wanted the art painted outside so that the patrons didn't scratch it off inside. the cold weather added another dimension of fun to the project. i was happy with my end result, though- the rock n roll nutcrackers seemed perfect for a live music club & my mom used this photo for her christmas cards that year.

still, when it was over i donated all leftover paint to the city arts commission for future projects, certain that i didn't need to paint windows again.

i'm still sure of that, but when i got the call to artists this year i was in the midst of playing with plexi and i thought "what if i did plexi pieces & got zella to make cool metal frames & we hung them from big fat red velvet ribbons like ornaments in the window?". so i ran that idea by zella, and now i'm doing windows again.

spent the evening going through the photo stash for appropriate images. we'd like to use things that aren't so christmas that they can't be sold at another time of the year. at the same time, needs to be somewhat seasonal. also, since it's plexi, white will be clear, which makes using snow images sort of challenging....

here's the first one i pulled. from some christmas cards that i did years ago (and printed too many of, and still need to sell- but that's another story!)

i photoshopped the black background out and printed it on my clear emulsion transfer base from yesterday. the base is somewhat opaque- this should be clear when removed from the backing. i need to let the ink dry overnight, then spray with krylon.
i'm curious to see how it turns out. should then be able to adhere to plexi with gel medium.
these could be pretty cool. (i really hope so!)
here is how the glass beads dried- sorry for the flash- it's really hard to get a decent photo at night. it's shaping up pretty well, with the exception of a few places where the base for the medium dries white. which i'll probably take some alcohol to to clean it up. the plexi will be mounted on the wood with a nut between to provide separation.
that's it for now- hopefully i'll be able to peel the image from the backing without too much trauma tomorrow!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh I love the Christams piece but the BLUE piece....Holy Cow!!! It is superior!!! (I don't know how I missed this post earlier....maybe when I had scrambled through the crazy drivers to town for supplies....)
WOW!!! the silver and glass beads....WOW!!! :)
As to the Christmas piece, I wonder why the ground was not totally clear, or maybe the other side just needs some air? Those things are quirky. The big *ornaments* should be beautiful! It must be nice to live somewhere that has a flourishing art scene.
I'm still staggering over the blue......don't mind me....


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Well, first of all I love that three years old Christmas card! I agree, the rock and roll nutcrackers were perfect for that venue. What a great idea for local artists to decorate the shop windows! And your latest idea to use the plexi is brilliant. What you've produced so far is fab!