Tuesday, October 13, 2009


got back last night from 3 days on the oregon coast with 3 of my very good friends. it was lovely, and i am now wading through the 400 plus photos...... putting some on cds for the women, trying to figure out what to do with others.

here are some i took of shapes & other odd things. fascinated by the movement of the water and the shapes created by the tides

lines of foam like lace edging

perfectly round bubbles
triangular wash around a rock and a shell
feather and shell- like a boat and sail
not sure how this ended up here.....
lacy waves....
little shrines

there are lots more photos to come......... some of these will probably end up in mixed media pieces or digital collages.....
stay tuned!


Barb said...

Hi Again Marianne,
I meant to post my shape comment here...I like the sunset kite one too!

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Lovely photos! I really enjoy taking odd photos of shapes and 'finds' on the beach too. About some of them ending up as digital images - I try to delete the images that don't turn out but when you use them in other artwork there is potential merit in almost every photograph! Makes it hard to be ruthless!