Friday, October 23, 2009

adventures in holiday windows

i tried a technique from digital art studio where 2 layers of gel medium are laid down ( one way, then the other), then 2 layers of digital ground (or ink aid) on polypro, then run thru the inkjet & the skin is peeled off.

so. here i am peeling the skin from the base that is NOT polypropylene (which "nothing sticks to")
i did end up with a decent skin, tho there were bubbles in places, and the thickness was uneven...
there are no photos of what happened when i tried to adhere the skin to the plexi b/c it was UGLY. wrinkles, holes- even i couldn't convince myself that the flaws looked like part of the plan.

so i just printed the damn thing on the plexi (with the help of golden digital grounds)

that's the start for the windows- printed another this evening.... but i am going to keep trying the skins too- there are possibilities there, my technique may need help. and i am using golden gloss gel next time.
photo-d this outside today for a better look. it is very close. something in the lower to mid left. something red.

and here's this finished. can't really tell, but the background is silver leaf, paint, glass bead medium.....
g'night- hope to play this weekend

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Boy....this makes me wonder about the money I have spent on the mediums I have not tried yet.....and the thinkin' ain't GOOD!
I'm going to have to go to their website and read up---see if they have any solutions to these problems.
Still love the silver and blue!!! Stunning!!!