Sunday, September 13, 2009

yay! art progress!

felt good enough today to get some stuff done- like shaving the bouve (good thing he doesn't care if he has a funny hair cut!), cleaning the office out some (mostly in frustration over not being about to figure out what's plugged in where and then being horrified by all of the swissy hair hiding under the computer, printer, etc....) and even working on fetch with echo.

and then- i worked some on these that i started a few weeks ago- the pics aren't great- they were too wet to scan, but you'll get the idea....

i think that this one is done

this one is not
and i think that this one is.
i need to figure out how to use stamps without the ink getting all smeary. i even used some spray var on one of these to no avail. maybe a matter of drying overnight (could be hard for me!) or the type of ink used.... will have to keep experimenting.
this is a start of a background for one of the plexi pieces. i am going to try to create some interesting layers & depth a la ann baldwin's "creative paint workshop for mixed media artists".
this is one of the panels we made last weekend. i offset the frame on the back knowing that i wanted more weight at the bottom- the plexi piece is 8x10, this is 11x14. when i started laying the paper on i go too carried away to see if i had it right side up, and of course i didn't. so i'll have to figure something else out..... i was going to bolt the plexi thru the wood inside the frame- and maybe still can, just bolt in a different place? we'll see....
even tho i enjoy playing in photoshop and i know that the printing set up is integral to the finished piece i love getting my hands dirty- it feels more like creating. i am also glad to make progress on my pay it forward pieces! mailing those off will feel really good!
and now- bedtime-


nonizamboni said...

I love collage and its been fun to stop by and see what you've been up to. Nice work--in spite of the ink frustration.

Diane said...

Hi Marianne!
I love #3 & 4! Beautiful work!
Hope all is going well with you.