Monday, September 14, 2009

two down

ok, NOW they're done..... the negative space around the top raven was bothering me on this one, so i pulled out the metal thingy with screws that i picked up at a construction site & made some red paint marks. i think it ties together better and am now happy with it.

and while i was putting patterns down, i pulled out the interference blue & worked this over a bit. guess i'm sort of liking laying down an overall pattern to tie things together. this is done too. and i muddled around with some other stuff, not getting much of anywhere...... we're going to the studio tomorrow night, so i'm sure that inspiration will strike! :)

i have to remember that laying groundwork is making art as much as finishing things up is. selecting images, laying down backgrounds, reading book, visiting blogs and websites- learning and informing what comes next....i am not a very patient person!

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