Monday, September 28, 2009

successful trial

this was the plan for the crackle paste background. i put a 2:1 gel medium/water layer on to preserve the paste, as per the golden site, it will also work as a barrier layer if i decide to add more color, which i may.

i was concerned about drilling holes in the plexi, so i taped where i was going to drill and then spritzed water on, per the destructions i downloaded. only one problem. even tho the epson ink is waterproof the quality evidently doesn't apply if printed on digital ground. or the digital ground is water soluble. either way...... i lost the coneflowers.

so i went to plan b. the good news is that the drilling went fine. i used 4 sizes of drill bits and as long as i was drilling down instead of in reverse (yeah, well, i'm new to this power tool stuff)
it worked ok. no cracking or chipping.

put the bolt in, then screwed a nut underneath for a spacer. then into the board. which, incidentally also drilled fine. the gel medium coat was a must- it would have crumbled otherwise, but now has a more resilient texture. this is not a great photo, but it gives the idea of the finished piece. i may add some drops of turquoise on the background. i'll look at it for a while & think about it..... the actual color is more vivid than what you see here- shooting inside at night w/o flash doesn't do much for true color! i also printed a transparency of the coneflowers to transfer to the plexi so that if i decide i would really rather have that image (there were some nice echos of the image on the plexi in the movement of the darker shapes at the top of the base).

not bad for a first try, tho! please let me know what you think- constructive criticism good too!

and a doodle...... hasta.....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I very much like how this is developing; excellent use of the crackle medium.
And who knew...I should have thought of going to the Golden site for how to secure it, as the crackle paste is delicate!
Thanks for the progress report/info!


Elizabeth Golden said...

This is fascinating. Love the depth it gives it.Why can't you drill the holes before you start your art work?

Elizabeth Golden said...

This is fascinating. Love the depth it gives it.Why can't you drill the holes before you start your art work?

Nina said...

Can you explain or lead me to directions of how to print on plexi? I dont' think it will work on my printer where the paper has to "curve". And are those normal drill bits? (I'm new to the power tool stuff, too:-)

I think it looks great! What possibilities.

Rosie said...

Hmmmm... I love the semi-industrial look to this. Super results - it's really beautiful! =)

Mystey Artist said...

Hi!! nice art! Care to join this art link exchange program. check it out!

Gayle said...

What an interesting idea: mounting a digital image on plexiglass onto a crackled base. It works beautifully together and makes a lovely piece!

kathydkeith said...

I was glad you mentioned the Golden website, since I've only used crackle paste once. Good to learn more before the next use. Thanks!

marianne said...

hi all- thanks for stopping by & commenting!
anne- yeah, i had a "duh!" moment on that when i was trying to figure out how to keep the crackle medium from flaking off!
elizabeth- that would work too, i do think i need to use some sort of fixative too though.
nina- this was printed on my epson r2400, which has a front feed for thick media. you could do an image transfer or paint on the plexi, or stencil something- there are many options! and yes, normal drill bits.
rosie- many thanks!
mystery artist- ditto, and yes- thanks for inviting me!
gayle- thank you!

Pat Winter said...

Although I don't completely understand the process, being a crazy quilter and all, I think it is top notch! Love the cone flowers! Keep playing, I love seeing your results and learning.

marianne said...

hi pat- thanks for stopping by, and for commenting!

Johnna said...

What a cool idea! Ilove the effect you are getting, very beautiful.
Xo's Johnna

marianne said...

thanks johnna- appreciate it!