Tuesday, September 22, 2009

studio night

yay! another studio evening with pam & nancy! it's so great to get feedback, share ideas, play together. they are going to art & soul in portland in a few weeks, so i expect to learn LOTS from them in the coming months....

they were busy making atcs to trade there. this is what i brought to work on.

here's where the raven went....then i added a dirty mica wash & washed off more than i meant to, so she's in rehab now, but salvageable. right idea, wrong execution, back to the drawing board. stay tuned.
this is at the really busy i hate it it's icky stage, but i am going to slosh on a layer of matte gel & then figure out what to knock back. it will be fine.

i love the crackle paste, but see how chippy it is from being carried in the bag? will never ever survive being hauled back & forth to shows. note to self to go to the golden site to see how to preserve once i'm happy with the look.
this is how i intend for it to work- as a background for this digital print on plexi. the plexi will be bolted to the board and set above the background by the nuts you see here. which will be hidden by the head of the screw.
fun! and progress........hasta

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