Saturday, September 12, 2009

slow going

tomato soup & a tuna melt...... a sure sign that i'm a bit under the weather. it's been couch time last night & most of today- sore throat, stuffy head- keeping it from getting out of control.

so i'm not feeling bad about not getting things done, just laying around & sleeping & reading (art of racing in the rain is good). the body does tend to let you know when it's time for a break.

i've been thinking about a few things, tho. one of which is getting into a gallery since the gallery at hyde park has closed and as much as i love gypsy gallery & doing the market it seems that being out there more consistently makes a difference. don't have the inclination to do a very functional website, i've discovered that, and probably don't have the time to do it right on etsy.

one option is the local co-op gallery, which several gypsies are part of. they do well and assure me that i would too. i would have to be juried in. the other problem is time. i need to figure out how to put the necessary work back in to participate. or think about trying to really market better on line.

anyway- i did spend a brief amount of time setting things up today- 2 more printed on plexi pieces to work with (hopefully tomorrow energy will return).

i had drizzled acrylic paint on the back of this one and dripped alcohol on that then let it run until i got something i liked. printed the flowers on the other side. i may bring more detail out, or may not need to depending on where it goes from here.

hope to have time & energy tomorrow to lay some background on the wood pieces we made last week & see something finished! :) stay tuned!

oh, yeah, need to pick 5 photos to enter in the local paper's idaho outdoors photo contest too. they seem to select the same photographer's work on a regular basis (usually wildlife shots, not my strong suit), but you never know.... this was an honorable mention a few years ago.

and now, off to bed........ hoping to wake up full of vim & vigor in the am!

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