Tuesday, September 1, 2009

shopping for art supplies

here's the art that was done today- a trip to home depot for art supplies. the local hardware store, where i usually try to shop, didn't appear to have plexi in 8x10 sheets, at least according to the website- i will check that though.

anyway, i thought i would try a few things out with the wood panels and plexi..... stay tuned! my little brain is just all over the place! i just need time to try some of this stuff out....

which will be in short supply- bonnie raitt & taj mahal tomorrow night at the botanical gardens (should be wonnerful!), gypsy gallery third time's a charm show on thursday (the last 2 planned were rained or winded out), tracy & deb's birthday cocktails friday and then head for the hills for the long weekend..... oh, and off to dallas next tuesday & wednesday- ok, it may be a week or more til i get to experiment again.... but i'll have plenty of time to think about what i want to do!

i'll be posting photos, tho, at the very least-

and now, better go rest up!

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