Tuesday, September 29, 2009

more plexi

i finally put my gifts for the get excited and make things pay it forward project. started in late april.... doing better on this than the hubcap for the landfill art project, but that's next!

hopefully i'll hear that things got there safe & sound and that the recipients like them.

coneflower transfer, to fix what i inadvertently washed off last night. worked out quite well.
i wanted more detail & remembered that oilbar is used that way on encaustic, and that oil can go over acrylic- so i grabbed my fave color, prussian blue, and a blending stick & a soft cloth & worked color into the cracks. again, bot a great photo, but i'm really happy with the detail it brought out- much more interesting.
and now the challenge. i think that the only way to preserve these is going to be a spray varnish. i used the golden uv resistant semi gloss topcoat for the digital grounds- with a foam brush- and the brush marks are really evident. i can probably make it work, but it isn't what i was going for.
so we'll keep experimenting- but if anyone has a brilliant idea or solution, please let me know.... i slathered on a layer of gel medium with a palette knife to preserve the coneflower transfer- didn't want no stinkin brush marks & figured the uneven surface will work with the crackle. we'll see!

and now for bed-


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I just LOOOOOOOVE that background...(ooops! said that before!)
I have had excellent luck with using Krylon Workable Fixative on the mixed media projects I do. And I mean MIXED. I'ved used it on everything from bubble jet printed images to things that have so many layers of *stuff* I can't begin to list them.
It always works. A light coat will remain matte. A heavier coat gets glossier. I often use it in that manner because it resists some of what I put on and still grabs other parts. Everything is sealed well with that before I go to varnish.
That's my 2 cents....for what they're worth!
Thoroughly enjoying the progress on this project!


marianne said...

thanks anne! i will give that a try- and if the ink is protected by being to the back of the piece that may be all that's needed-

trisha too said...

i have no advice, except don't give up--this is definitely a worthwhile project, and looking great so far!

marianne said...

thanks trisha!

Leah said...

oo, i love how the coneflower piece came out! so lovely!

wish i had some solutions for you, but seems like you got a good tip from Anne!

marianne said...

thanks leah! yes, i think anne has a good idea there- and wait til you see how it turned out if you like it so far! can't wait to post....... hopefully i got a decent photo....