Friday, September 4, 2009

more art trials and a birthday party

i could not get this piece of glass to behave & be printed on (might be too thick). so i thought i'd just see how caulk/apollo transparency method worked...... this is right after peeling off the transparency....

an as it dried, scanned with white paper behind the image
and playing with different backgrounds..... this could be very fun- i can just pop the glass back in the frame with an image behind.... or paint a background, or paint the glass...... endless possibilities.....

also got a few more things lined out for the benefit for the women's & children's alliance. i am quite excited- we have a new venue, and are able to offer artists an opportunity to be juried in for a 2 month show. we will also still do a one night juried event with a wider selection of art.
we plan to do a workshop on how to prepare slides (or digital images) for a juried show, and to talk about how art should be ready to hang for the show. this is invaluable info as far as i'm concerned- many artists are turned down for shows because their images are bad- leaning against a wall, or in a frame, or under glass with a flash reflection. and sawtooth hangers- don't EVEN get me started on those! but there's no way to know this stuff unless someone tells you.
and then, birthday at the melting pot for tracy & deb.......scratch & sniff cupcake bag (really!)
yummy gooey cheesiness

and then- sweet stuff to dip in

yummy gooey white and dark chocolateness

great food, great service, great friends, lots of laughs- good way to start a holiday weekend!
have a good one!


Arija said...

The reverse image of the tree is particularly pleasing.

marianne said...

thanks arija!

trudi said...

nice image of the tree - am going to come back and explore when time permits! looks like you've done some interesting experiments.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love what you've done with the tree. And I love your 'No fear' approach to experimenting - I would throw myself on the sofa in despair if it didn't work out as it should! You just think of another way to work with it! You're such an inspiration. Janice.

marianne said...

thanks to both of you. i like the tree, and end up using it fairly often. experiments are fun, and permission to play, now i need to get back to finishing a few things! :)