Monday, September 7, 2009

home, briefly

lovely weekend in the mountains- a few photos to share below.....and yes, i have some saved for skywatch friday! just in case!

6 sandhill cranes flying over the fairfield place this morning- just awesome! i love that they fly with their legs sticking out (as do herons)

beautiful sunsets
and daytime skies
and a nice hike to some beautiful scenery

the lone bloomer in the field- i believe it's chickory
i did get some panels with backing made- i have been working on birch panels or particle board and trying to figure the best way to hang w/o having to frame them.
got the idea to build a structure on the back from reading art revolution (lisa cyr).
this way i can finish the edges and i have a way to put a wire on the back, as well as having the art hang out from the wall. i can also drill holes & attach plexiglas, etc. as i wish- pound nails, you name it!
but of course i am going out of town tomorrow, so it will be a while before i can play...... because back late wed, echo & i are taking advanced obedience classes starting thursday and then it's the weekend again! but it will slow down soon..... really....and at the very least there will be more photos to be taken!

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Hybrid J said...

Nature is such a wonder ... love your photos! ;)