Sunday, September 20, 2009

building blocks

worked on some background ideas..... i put black acrylic on this board in a 50% paint/water mix and then splashed on alcohol to create patterns. then spread crackle paste (the white). am thinking about a background for the plexi printed pieces. hopefully i can create interest with texture and depth with layers of paint colors without detracting from the image on the plexi. stay tuned.
worked on these some more. the one on the left was to be a background as well, but now i don't know. we'll see how it evolves. not sure where the flowers came from..... but we may get more with extra heavy gesso or light modeling paste. the one on the right is waiting for the raven transfer, but i think i'm going to wash more azo gold first- want a warmer background.
and then some football doodles.......the mardi gras heart

and this one.
and now off to bed. can't wait to see how the crackle medium goes. and other ideas.
oh- and i got my application for the art source done & sent in and will probably do the same for another group. because if the art isn't out there it can't sell. we'll see how it goes!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love crackle medium, though I always stabilize it with a lot of varnish or triple thick glaze after tinting it. I am anxious to see what happend with the grey and crackle piece! It is interesting already and my mind wanders to how *I* would work on it!