Thursday, August 27, 2009


in the beginning, there was photography....for a long time, it was the only sort of art i thought i was capable of (or dared to try) making..... and i never tried to sell anything, i just liked taking photos and classes. and then my trusty fujica stx1 died and i went years without an slr. until the d70 and i had a blast playing again.

when i turned 40, i decided to take art classes. a friend & i found a teacher & started going to class. i was sure i couldn't draw (i can't). i had to pass on the negative space exercise and begged to use color and skip the learning to draw part. fortunately, we had found the right teacher. kathy was willing to teach you to make art whatever way worked best for you. she taught every medium, encouraged experimentation (she did a lot of it herself) and she never expected little clone artists. she encouraged us to develop our own style but to understand the rules before we broke them.

i thought i wanted to paint watercolor, but it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard, so i started painting with alkyds and oil bar. landscapes......(they're easy to do when you can't draw- much better than, say, people!)

went to class bored and blocked one evening and looking for something new and came up with these first mixed media pieces- scanned seeds printed on photo paper and alkyd on canvas, some india ink too. layers of glazes. so much fun to do

the creative every day theme this month is movement. it's interesting to look back through the movement in my art. i haven't painted with alkyds- or done a representational painting- in almost 2 years. kathy died suddenly 2 years ago. i found it hard to paint for a while after, and then went off in different directions. not sure how it's connected, but i do know that she would encourage me to keep playing. i was very lucky to find such a great teacher and mentor.
so i have all of this stuff in my studio. my alkyds must be lonely. they've been shoved under the art table for a while now. i am curious to see what all of the mixed media i've been doing has done to my painting style, so it may be time to break them out again (besides i really need to paint zella's sweet puppies)

then there's this box gesso and paste and caulk and alcohol and rags and palettes......

and the acrylics- which i am certain i can never paint with, but which are fabulous for mixed media

oh. look- another box of stuff! of the tool/implement variety- brayer, sandpaper, cool scissors with strange edges, things for making texture

add it all up- one very scary, crowded, needing to be organized studio. but then again, my desk is messy too- just possibly this is how it works for me-

happy thursday


Sharon said...

Love this post! Thanks for sharing your art journey and boxes! A messy work area works for me too. I can never find anything if I organize everything. LOL

Alcina said...

I'm glad your studio looks like mine. I lie your experiments of printing on metal. Have to try it one day.