Saturday, August 29, 2009

end of august!

market today- beautiful day, fun as always.......i've included a video to share the experience with you. bagpipes are NOT my favorite instrument. has to do with that high end of the register thing- the reason i'm also not especially fond of mariah carey, whitney houston, vince gill, most piano, opera, etc..... if there's no bass (and yes tracy, if there's no guitar, i admit it!), hard for me to take....and, really, who needs to hear a bagpipe version of windy (who's running round the streets of the city, smiling at everybody she sees? who's reaching out to capture a rainbow? everyone know it's windy) or amazing grace (3 times). not me.

although i'm sure that for someone who likes bagpipes they were very well done.

it was a slow day, it being the last weekend of the fair. i did sell a piece that is going to japan- that was very fun! the gal looked & looked & said she'd be back- which we've all heard a million times. but she did come back and buy "lucky", below. i like this piece and am glad to see it go home with someone who will enjoy it.
it's funny to think about where art goes to live. i don't always *see* the art in my own house, so i know how it is. but i like to think of my art engaging people, hopefully making them smile or feel like they're home. i've had people tell me that pieces are going to england, hawaii, and now japan.

i shipped a painting to colorado for a christmas gift one year (not to my parents, either, tho i've done that too). a few years ago a man called me from alaska to buy a gift for his friend here in idaho who was appointed a state supreme court judge. that was fun because the buyer told me he was giving his friend this painting to remind him to smile. most people who see halle smile, so it was wonderful that my painting of her worked that way too. (halle on the rug with diamonds, alkyd, 2007)

it's amazing to think that something that i created can touch people in ways i can't even begin to understand. amazing. and a huge gift that i hope to remember to honor..


Pam McKnight said...

what a nice post and congrats on selling a piece that is going to Japan.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

I love the two pieces of art you're showing here, Marianne, and the piece that's going to Japan is beautiful. I love that you like to think of your art going to a good home!