Monday, August 31, 2009


wow! i am going to be published! in pasticcio quartz! there was a request for transfer art submissions and i thought why not? and i will have a piece in the holiday issue! i am ever so excited, as some of the first mixed media books i picked up featured work from angela cartwright and sarah fishburn, the artists who produce the magazine. coming in november....

more golden digital ground/ non absorbent surface play this evening. this is a piece of plexiglas. couldn't scan because it will take a while for the ink to dry, but i can't wait to play with this! i can imagine all sorts of fun with stuff underneath the plexi, or painting on the other side from the image, mounting on board or putting it in a frame- endless possibilities!

this is metal tape on watercolor paper & one layer of digital ground, so it is a bit uneven. i like it. one of my standard favorite images printed out. the actual piece is a bit darker (more vivid) than what shows here.
this is the copper leaf/watercolor paper experiment.....i messed up on the printer orientation- was supposed to be horizontal covering the entire sheet, but oh well! this one is hard to capture
and i'm not sure how this particular combination of images works for me, but the idea is one to try again.

big fun! i won't have anything new for first thursday, but i will for december!
off to bed- sleep tight all!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


first. some shots of the fabulous sky from this morning's hike.......

a few doodles from this weekend.....

and the playing. i have been reading lisa l cyr's art revolution (thanks judy!) and darlene olivia mcelroy & sandra duran wilson's image transfer workshop and between that & some posts on the yahoo inkjet transfer group, my mind has been generating all sorts of ideas....
i wanted to see if i could feed glass through the flat feed on my epson, so i got out the golden digital ground for non absorbent surfaces & coated a piece of glass and a piece of self seal that i had laying around.
the glass was too small- forget i need at least 8 x10, so i will have to try that again, but the height of the glass itself seemed ok. maybe i'll see if i can pick up some plexi somewhere....
here is the result after printing on the self seal. this is basically do it yourself laminating. it's sticky on the back. i will spray some coating on this & then stick the pics on something- maybe watercolor paper that's been painted- and go from there.

talk in the inkjet group about printing on metal if you don't have a front feed printer got me to thinking about gold leaf. after looking for about 1/2 and hour (last used in february i believe) i found my copper & silver leaf. i had this background hanging around & decided to play with it...
here it is post copper leaf application.....
i scanned it in so that I can play with different images in photoshop to see what i want to print on it. will coat with the golden digital ground for non absorbent surfaces and see what i get.... i can see all sorts of play with leafing. this would go through a traditional feed printer too.
busy week ahead...... bonnie raitt wed nesday, first thursday show thursday (the weather looks ready to cooperate, finally- third time's a charm!) and plenty of day job stuff to keep me busy iun between..... but i'll post when i can.
good night- and have a great week!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

end of august!

market today- beautiful day, fun as always.......i've included a video to share the experience with you. bagpipes are NOT my favorite instrument. has to do with that high end of the register thing- the reason i'm also not especially fond of mariah carey, whitney houston, vince gill, most piano, opera, etc..... if there's no bass (and yes tracy, if there's no guitar, i admit it!), hard for me to take....and, really, who needs to hear a bagpipe version of windy (who's running round the streets of the city, smiling at everybody she sees? who's reaching out to capture a rainbow? everyone know it's windy) or amazing grace (3 times). not me.

although i'm sure that for someone who likes bagpipes they were very well done.

it was a slow day, it being the last weekend of the fair. i did sell a piece that is going to japan- that was very fun! the gal looked & looked & said she'd be back- which we've all heard a million times. but she did come back and buy "lucky", below. i like this piece and am glad to see it go home with someone who will enjoy it.
it's funny to think about where art goes to live. i don't always *see* the art in my own house, so i know how it is. but i like to think of my art engaging people, hopefully making them smile or feel like they're home. i've had people tell me that pieces are going to england, hawaii, and now japan.

i shipped a painting to colorado for a christmas gift one year (not to my parents, either, tho i've done that too). a few years ago a man called me from alaska to buy a gift for his friend here in idaho who was appointed a state supreme court judge. that was fun because the buyer told me he was giving his friend this painting to remind him to smile. most people who see halle smile, so it was wonderful that my painting of her worked that way too. (halle on the rug with diamonds, alkyd, 2007)

it's amazing to think that something that i created can touch people in ways i can't even begin to understand. amazing. and a huge gift that i hope to remember to honor..

Friday, August 28, 2009

skywatch friday

here are a few shots from our morning walk for this week's skywatch friday. click on the badge to see wonderful photos from around the world.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


in the beginning, there was photography....for a long time, it was the only sort of art i thought i was capable of (or dared to try) making..... and i never tried to sell anything, i just liked taking photos and classes. and then my trusty fujica stx1 died and i went years without an slr. until the d70 and i had a blast playing again.

when i turned 40, i decided to take art classes. a friend & i found a teacher & started going to class. i was sure i couldn't draw (i can't). i had to pass on the negative space exercise and begged to use color and skip the learning to draw part. fortunately, we had found the right teacher. kathy was willing to teach you to make art whatever way worked best for you. she taught every medium, encouraged experimentation (she did a lot of it herself) and she never expected little clone artists. she encouraged us to develop our own style but to understand the rules before we broke them.

i thought i wanted to paint watercolor, but it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard, so i started painting with alkyds and oil bar. landscapes......(they're easy to do when you can't draw- much better than, say, people!)

went to class bored and blocked one evening and looking for something new and came up with these first mixed media pieces- scanned seeds printed on photo paper and alkyd on canvas, some india ink too. layers of glazes. so much fun to do

the creative every day theme this month is movement. it's interesting to look back through the movement in my art. i haven't painted with alkyds- or done a representational painting- in almost 2 years. kathy died suddenly 2 years ago. i found it hard to paint for a while after, and then went off in different directions. not sure how it's connected, but i do know that she would encourage me to keep playing. i was very lucky to find such a great teacher and mentor.
so i have all of this stuff in my studio. my alkyds must be lonely. they've been shoved under the art table for a while now. i am curious to see what all of the mixed media i've been doing has done to my painting style, so it may be time to break them out again (besides i really need to paint zella's sweet puppies)

then there's this box gesso and paste and caulk and alcohol and rags and palettes......

and the acrylics- which i am certain i can never paint with, but which are fabulous for mixed media

oh. look- another box of stuff! of the tool/implement variety- brayer, sandpaper, cool scissors with strange edges, things for making texture

add it all up- one very scary, crowded, needing to be organized studio. but then again, my desk is messy too- just possibly this is how it works for me-

happy thursday

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

fair time!

love the state fair! should have taken the big camera, but i didn't ......

we ate yummy food:

saw lots of animals- love the goats, they're such characters!

this guy was on target for a jailbreak.....

alien goat head
love to check out the photo and art entries. i didn't get anything together in time to enter this year.
also in the arts area are the food categories. i'm sure that these maters looked much better when they were judged several days (maybe almost a week) ago.....

and the beer category! now why can't we vote for our favorite entry here, like we can for fine arts? had to settle for a mirror pond ipa.....

anyway- nothing artistic today, but a fun evening nonetheless!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a few of my favorite things

ahhhhh studio night..... wine, good company, creating....... yay!

stamp happy tonight- back to my old friends the face & the raven.... i have loved the zebra since i bought it, but had no clue what i might do with it....... the reaching woman is a favorite as well....
moving things around to see what works. i really wanted the woman to be standing on the crow & holding up the camel but it couldn't work

so we ended up here instead. should have waited longer for the ink to set before introducing it to gel medium. i may need to overlay another zebra- it's a bit too smeary, otherwise they're pretty good...

i can never see a pack of camels without thinking of tom robbin's still life with woodpecker..... and smiling...... "it's never too late to have a happy childhood"

this is turning all mystical.....

anyway, that was my big fun for the evening, while i was messing with this, nancy was doing a lovely reverse drawing (charcoal all over the page, then lifting it with an eraser to draw) of a caterpillar. she amazes me.

hope you've all had as much fun tonight as i did!