Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tuesday night

i have been contemplating my hubcap... i have a month left to paint & send back in. in the meantime, some very cool art has been added to the landfill art project leaving me inspired & scared all at the same time.

tonight was painting night. got the centerpieces wired, with kristy's help. yay! one project down.....
pam shared her rejection letter from a local art group. they were pretty harsh. some of it was helpful , like art would be easier to see against a white background, but some of it could have really been shared more tactfully. good thing to remember. it's always nice to know why you weren't chosen, but a professional critique is more helpful than calling someone's work amatuerish.

i made this paper piece in response to something that's happening on seth apter's altered page blog, the disintegration collaboration. when this is hanging outdoors to begin aging, i will email seth & see if he'll add me to the project.
it's late, i need to get to bed! mas manana-


Seth said...

Can't wait to see the after shot of your hub cap!

marianne said...

thanks! me either ;)