Thursday, February 12, 2009

thursday feb 12

a little doodle do tonight...... i'd like to figure out how to mount this flat. it's a bit too small for an 8x10 mat, and the w/c paper is not smooth.

maybe i can stitch it to the gold paper.... will have to look at this for a bit.

note the watercolor crayons in the upper left. office depot 50% off closeout. how could i resist?
so i used them on this paper to fill in the background. drew on the paper & used a brush to smooth them out. i think these will be fun to play with- and handy to travel with....
did another heart print. thinking about things for march gypsy. i have some frames i got at aaron bros on a buy one get one for a penny sale and would like to come up with some new things for the show.
finished these and took them to the we art women show this afternoon. they're 6x6 wrapped canvasses. 2 women on the committee commissioned 7 total- 4 for one of them, 3 for the other. that way we can sell these (hopefully) at the event- and i will donate 20% of the commission sales price to the wca.
it would be great if they do all sell- at $30 each that would raise almost $500...
and i got the clapton and lily photos ready to paint...... finally! need to get these done!
the first is clapton, which i owe to zella for her making the metal frames for me.
this is lily, from obedience class.
not sure what colors they are... it will be fun to paint again-
bedtime! tomorrow's friday!

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Pam McKnight said...

I love the flowers as one big piece.. like tiles. I think someone should buy all of them and hang them like that!