Saturday, February 7, 2009

sunny day

i managed to hobble about a mile with the pups yesterday. it was beautiful out! blue skies, sunshine, 50 degrees- poo on you mr. groundhog! looks like spring here (at least for now).

we juried in the art for the women's and childrens' alliance benefit last night. i sure hope that my plane gets in on time for me to see the show hanging. there was some great, very interesting work. there were 5 of us, and mostly we agreed.

it was pretty instructive to see how hard a bad photo makes it to judge something. i understand why in big competitions the first weedout is things not properly presented.

we also spent some time grouping together silent auction basket items and talking about how gypsy gallery can help emerging artists in the valley. we would like to do a juried show, but are trying to figure out how we can do it with all of our other commitments. of course, we'll be done with we art women until next august after the end of the month....

i am off to fairfield. since i can't be on my foot too much i'll take a book & my beloved sharpies. and the camera. should be able to take short walks with the dogs. foot better, but i don't want to push it again and end up laid up again.

have a great weekend!


redchair said...

Sorry your having problems with your foot. Really puts a kink in an active life.

Presentaion is a major factor. I'd love to hear more on that.

Good luck with all and I hope you're able to hobble around without issue.

Genie Sea said...

I hope you feel much better and have a great time at Fairfield! That picture looks dreamy.

I finally got around to posting the award you gave me. Sorry for taking so long, and thank you again honey!

Pam McKnight said...

your photos are great. We drove thru Fairfield last week. Your comment about the bad photos is pretty interesting since I just got turned down for something based on my photos of my art and not my art itself. I'll tell you Tues.

marianne said...

vikki & pam- i'll see what i can find about presentations for juried shows & do a post- complete with some "don't do this" shots. which is basically anything that distracts- the image (2d) should fill the frame- no dirty sheets or actual frame showing, no off angles, glare from a flash, etc.... for 3d a plain white background probably best, but will investigate.

genie- thanks! it's healing up!(pun intended)